This is going to be a typical first blog where I tell my non-existent audience that I haven’t a clue what I’m doing with this site and give you a reason for its creation. Aren’t y’all in for a treat!

I have wanted to blog for a while, mostly wanting to blog about restaurants and the food I’ve eaten as those are the kinds of blogs I like! So I decided: give it a bash, and it’ll be fun if nothing else!

My mini profile sums me up absolutely perfectly. I am indeed Scottish, from the Lanarkshire area – it’s nothing special, but it’s home. I work with food, sadly not tasting it for free. I love food. Not in the pompous way, but in the tummy warming obsessive way. I am regularly reminded of how often I dine out; people who know me find it hilarious, and when I’m not dining out I’m talking about what I’m cooking or lusting after.

Before I go to make a cup of tea I’ll explain the name House of Herby. I have a herb garden, and I love when there are fresh herbs in my food – apparently this is amusing to people I know. I think it’s just decent taste. So, I was nicknamed Herbs. Naming my blog was so difficult that I think naming any children I have will be a real ordeal – so I decided on House of Herby. Interesting, I know.

Ah, one more thing: my blog ethos! I’m only going to blog about good experiences. Tony Macaroni has no place in my church of food. I’m not an official food critic and I’m not a name and shame person. I will be completely honest – maybe not 100% satisfied but if a restaurant isn’t good, they won’t feature!

Prepare to be very hungry!


  1. I wouldn’t mind a story about a parsley and a coriander plant that fight crime. Actually I think it should be made into a detective tv show. ‘From the producers of Midsomer Murders’. Haha, good luck with your blog! x


  2. oh where will you find the time to keep up a blog! Love my herb garden too, I now have three tubs of various herbs and love to encourage fresh herbs at work! Love Scott’s in Troon too, the Scottish Tapas is a meal on it’s own! You need to try the one in Largs.


  3. Jorina if I have time over summer I’ll get my colouring in pencils at the ready and make the herb duo come to life!

    I am not even joking.


  4. Clare I’ve decided to do it because I want to have an actual hobby! Working all the time doesn’t cut it haha! Hope you’re well!


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