Scotts, Troon Yacht Haven & Marina

This is where my long term notion for blogging became a reality. It’s one of my favourite restaurants so it seemed fitting that my post about it be my debut!

The Venue

Scott’s Bar and Restaurant, one of the few chain restaurants owned by the Buzzworks company, has got to be one of the most impressive restaurants I have eaten at yet. Based at the Troon Yacht Haven, this restaurant has of the most breathtaking views, and a menu to match.

You can visit their website here:


Scottish Tapas Platter for 2 & Camembert for 2

Both platters can be seen in the picture and we ordered them both to share between 4 people. The tapas platter is served on a Lazy Susan for convenience.

If you’re interested, this is what they comprise:

Shetland Mussels – Cooked to perfection and served marinière (creamy garlic and white wine)
Smooth Chicken Liver Pâté– It is the single most beautiful pate we have tasted. Very smooth, lightly garlicky and just beautifully savoury.
Gateaux of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties – Stack served onto a base of whisky & mustard sauce. The haggis is very tasty – mild spice kick and the neeps & tatties are a lovely creamy fondant.
Smoked Salmon – Fresh and so, so smoky!
King Prawns – Absolutely lovely and fresh!
Camembert – baked to a soft gooey substance. Served with salted & grilled tomato bread, spicy salsa, and aged balsamic dressing.

It was a mix and match HEAVEN.


Pan fried fillet of Seabass

Served with garlic prawns, coriander butter, creamy potatoes, pak choi and savoy cabbage. It was also served with a kind-of cheese and potato rosti (this is how I describe it!) and a sun dried red pepper which gave a tangy taste. When added to the other components it jazzed the meal up. The sweet fish mixed with the creamy mash and the mixed textures of pak choi and Savoy cabbage was absolutely delicious!

Open Lasagne of Chicken & Chorizo

Layers of fresh egg lasagne, chicken strips, chorizo chunks, mature cheddar cheese glaze served with garlic & herb bread, side salad and a cup of fries. This dish is a rich and creamy sauce and is almost addictive – it is really filling but absolutely oozes flavour!

Grilled Supreme of Salmon

Soft flaky salmon served with creamy mashed potatoes, market greens and the potato rosti in a tangy but not over-powering lemon & chive sauce. It looks very simple but the range of tastes – given salmon’s strong taste, the tangy sauce and the creamy potatoes – made it absolutely delicious.

Roast rump of Lamb

This was a gorgeous herb scented rump of lamb cooked until tender and served with quince jelly, and in a red wine jus. A mixture of strong flavours and tender meat – it was just simply beautiful.


Baked Alaska

Simply perfect! Crispy shell with foamy meringue centre, served with raspberry ice and exotic coulis.

Lemon Tart

I have no photo of this item, and I will review it again next time I’m in Scotts. I was really disappointed with it! The lemon part was gorgeous, but the tart itself? Like a brick. So difficult to cut to eat. I couldn’t believe it! I will order it again, as I feel like it had to be a blip – everything else is so amazing!

Chocolate Fondant

Really rich and soft chocolate sponge casing a rich chocolate fondant centre. Served with whipped cream, fresh strawberry and ice cream contained in a brandy snap basket. Demolition had begun before I got my camera to it!

Cheesecake of the day – Bailey’s & White Chocolate

Each time I have dined at Scotts I have been served this cheesecake as the daily offer – I’m unsure if this is the only cheesecake they offer or whether I have coincidentally dined there on the evenings when it is being served! Nevertheless, the cheesecake is lovely.

That is the end of my review for Scotts! My overall ratings:

Starters: 10/10
Mains: 10/10
Desserts: 8/10
Venue: 10/10
Service: 10/10

In particular, I’d like to thank the culinary and waiting staff in Scotts, Troon. I have visited the restaurant several times and I have been met with lovely, courteous staff who couldn’t be more helpful. The quality of the food they prepare and the level of service received is second to none!

I’m a very satisfied customer!

Scotts on Urbanspoon


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