The Bombay Cottage, Hamilton

Indian food is one of my favourite types of food. I like the hot, the mild, the creamy and the tangy. The Bombay Cottage is quite simply the single best Indian restaurant I have ever been to. I hold no hesitance in saying that! Located in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, the bold and traditionally decorated restaurant just eeks authenticity.

Image from here.

You enter the restaurant to be greeted and seated, and the beautiful indian food smell hits you. The walls are adorned with interesting statues, pictures and decorations and the mirrored roof adds to the glamour. But, what you’re here for: the food.


We decided to order the Bombay Platter for two. This is not a typo – this is designed for two people. This big, delicious beast:

For just under £15 this fed three of us, and there was some left over. Amazing value and it was just unbelievable. The platter includes: a samosa the size of your head, chicken/mushroom/vegetable pakora, shish kebab, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, chicken chaat and a fresh & chunky side salad. The chicken and lamb tikka were so rich and smokey. I should also mention, I remember making something with Chickpeas in high school and to my memory and personal opinion “they taste like fart”. I decided to just try them as they were there and I absolutely love them! They weren’t at all dry and the curried dressing/sauce was mild but had a nice kick! The chickpea dish is called Punjab Channa Chole and it has become one of my favourites!


Lamb Madras

Half Chicken & half Lamb Tikka Sizzler served on a bed of onions.

And again! You can see my Peshwari Naan with sprinkled Almonds lurking in the background!

To go with my Tikka Sizzler I opted for a Chasni sauce. All curries are served with a plate of salad and pilau rice.

We ordered the Bombay platter, the chicken and lamb sizzler, a lamb Madras, a portion of Chasni sauce, one chapati, one Peshwari Naan and had two portions of rice/salad served. We ordered 5 drinks and the grand total came to the bargain price of £62.

We had no room for a dessert!

To finish off a lovely evening, as a lady I was presented with this:

A lovely, sweet-smelling, fresh rose!

I rate the Bombay Cottage 10/10 for absolutely everything – from the restaurant, to the staff to the food. Everything was perfect.

Find the Bombay Cottahe on my food map.

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