The Smiddy, Lochgilphead

The Smiddy in Lochgilphead, Argyll is one of those wonderful places that people who have been in Lochgilphead several times have managed to miss. It is a tiny, white stone smiddy tucked away just off the main street, and they specialise in good, healthy food.


Indoors it is very small, a little dark but also very cute. The stained glass window is really pretty and adds colour and brightness to the room!


The soup station above, I found really cute. We ordered the soup of the day which was Cream of Leek & Onion. It was served with whole meal bread, butter, margarine, dipping oil and soured cream.



It was absolutely gorgeous! The bread was so soft and unlike most whole meal bread it wasn’t too bran-y. I’m not usually a huge fan! The soup was just so tasty. Loads of flavour!

My main course was one of the house salads – Smoked Trout & Prawn Salad.

It falls under the category of “do I eat it of frame it?!” Observe…




The trout was served smoked, the prawns in a Marie Rose sauce, sprinkled with chilli. The entirely home made salad consisted of: potato salad, coleslaw with cranberries, grated carrot with sultanas, lettuce, mixed bean & pulse salad, tomato pasta salad and to top it all off there were pieces of fruit scattered over the top and also used as a garnish. Namely, strawberry, blueberries, peach, pineapple, white & red grapes, kiwi, orange and lemon.

The Smiddy is one place where you can be treated to gorgeous (visually and taste-wise) food but leave totally guilt free. Well, that’s if you avoid the home baking…


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