A day in Duck Bay, Loch Lomond

As per usual I ventured out for lunch this weekend – it’d be rude not to! In the early stages of my blog I had eaten in Duck Bay Marina restaurant but didn’t take any photos; I was so annoyed as I really enjoyed it and wanted to feature it here! So, after a return visit, here we go!

We arrived and had a 10-15 minute wait for our table – they give you a pager so you can wander a little whole waiting. The weather was absolutely glorious so we took to the loch-side, jetty-style bar. It was so beautiful!



Unfortunately, we stood at what can only be described as the slowest moving bar service ever! The guy was friendly and wasn’t slacking but we were buzzed for our food before we could order a drink. The queue wasn’t huge, which made it a bit frustrating!

Indoors we were served very quickly! The bar didn’t made me think any less of the place!

For starters I ordered ‘Haggis, Neeps & Champit Tatties’ – for the non-Scots followers this means haggis, turnip (neeps) and mashed (champit) potatoes (tatties)!

The gateaux was served with Glengoyne whiskey gravy and roasted cherry tomatoes. It was so tasty!

My second course was calorie heaven/hell (it really depends on how you look at life…)

Chicken & Mushroom Crêpe



This was so, so tasty! Part of the crêpe was crispy from being baked, part of it was submerged in the creamy sauce, and the final part was fused to the melted cheese on top. It was very heavy, but absolutely delicious!

A common theme is appearing: I can’t manage dessert. I’m going to need to address this in my next eating and blogging experiences!


Duck Bay
Hotel & Restaurant
Loch Lomond
G83 8QZ

(01389) 751234


Facebook – Duck Bay


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