Bo’Vine – Byres Road – Glasgow

Well hello faithful followers! I have been absent from my duty as a hunger inducer – work and all that jazz! Sadly I have to work to fund my food addiction and sitting down to blog just isn’t so easy! I realise it’s been nearly a month since I last posted, and at that it was a quick post to show off a strawberry tart! I have a few blogs that I’ll do over the next week to make it up!

Onto my review of Bo’Vine in Glasgow’s west end!

Bo’Vine, as you probably guessed by the name, is a steak house! I found this little extract from their website quite cool:

What’s in a name? Byres Road; this is where cows were milked for the Glasgow Market. Bó; that’s Gaelic for Cow. Beau; we borrowed that from the French and it is pronounced “Bo” meaning beautiful or handsome. Vine French “Élaboration du vin viné”; that’s the preparation of fortified wine and, of course, a type of climbing plant on which grapes grow. Bovine, a noun, is an animal of the cattle group which also includes buffaloes and bisons. So, Bo’Vine; a delightful new restaurant for meats, wines and good friends”

I can assure you that Bo’Vine lives up to its name! It is a beautiful restaurant – ranch/steak house themed but elegantly done so with leather seats, stone walls, wooden floors and cow patterned fabrics here and there. The restaurant is dark and lit up by candle light and dim wall lights. It has a lovely, relaxed and elegant feel to it. Add that to the scent of steak in the air. Lovely.

We decided to just go for a main course rather than a three course meal as we were just in the mood for a steak. We also had an evening of alcohol and piano bars planned. Eating is of course cheating! When ordering, I was a bit gutted as I really, really, really wanted to try the scallops as the way the menu described them had me drooling! When the food arrived, I was delighted. What a beautiful sight!

My two friends and I ordered an 8oz fillet steak and my other friend had the 9oz sirloin steak. I opted for it to be medium cooked (I used to have it medium-well and I am slowly working my way towards rare!) with fiery peppercorn sauce. Between us we ordered the following sides: Dauphinoise potatoes, triple cooked chips, onion rings, spring greens and creamy mash.


Hello beautiful!

The plates arrived with a small side salad, roasted cherry tomatoes and juicy, rich steak without a single piece of fat. It was to die for! I think it was the best steak I’ve had – apart from one in Bulgaria which was the same except it was bigger than my head – it was that good.

The Sides

The sides were absolutely lovely – they matched the steak perfectly and just made the meal! The Dauphinoise potatoes were soft, creamy and garlicky and the gratinated cheese top was so, so good. I’m a huge fan of Dauphinoise potatoes anyway, I could eat a whole dish of them as a meal. Mmmmmm. The onion rings look (and are) quite skinny – they were fine-cut onion rings with a light and crispy batter. They were so good – I wasn’t expecting much from them at first glance! The creamy mash, was just creamy mash – not much to get excited over when Dauphinoise potatoes are sitting next to it! And the spring green side was a selection of cabbage, mangetout and broccoli.

A bit of each, some cherry tomato and some steak. Party in my mouth. Everyone is invited. Drool. Mmmmm. Nomnomnom. Etc, etc, etc.


The restaurant offer cocktails, and one of them is a Smoky Daiquiri which involves Islay Whisky. I don’t like whisky so I chanced my arm and asked if they offered strawberry. The waitress was gone for five minutes – she’d actually sourced some fresh strawberries and had it made for me. Service and a half! It was absolutely delicious.

For the 4 steaks, countless sides, a bottle of rosé, my daiquiri, a tonic & lime and a Diet Coke the bill came to just under £133. Not too bad! Take away the alcohol and it’d only have been about £100 for 4 people. I am absolutely dying to go back, except next time I’ll wear loose clothing and clear the rest of my evening for some meat sweats!

Starters: N/A

Mains: 10/10

Desserts: N/A

Venue: 10/10

Service: 10/10


Bo’Vine Meat and Wines

385 Byres Road,


G12 8AU

Tel: 0141 341 6540



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