Chaophraya Thai, Glasgow

Before I begin I need to say something: THANK YOU. I first heard of Chaophraya from here and I have been lusting after it ever since!

Chaophraya can be found in Nelson Mandela Place, off Buchanan Street, in the heart of Glasgow city centre. The Townhouse building houses this amazing restaurant and I can assure you that the food definitely meets the grandeur of the building! The Townhouse is a red stone building that commands the corner of the street.

Image from Google Street View.

Chaophraya is set across 4 floors and contains the Palm Sugar cocktail bar as well as the restaurant. I was gobsmacked when I walked in. How grand is this foyer?


I want this in my living room. The fact that it would totally block the view of the TV is of no concern; it’s so pretty! We were met by a lovely girl who escorted us to The Ballroom where we would be eating.

We decided to sample some of the cocktails to begin with. The task of choosing was torture – they have a great range and everything sounded delicious! I opted for an Oriental Mojito which I prefer to normal Mojitos because it had everything they have, but they muddle strawberries with the limes and add Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime cider. It was absolutely delicious.


My sister opted for a Siam Smile which was a champagne and vanilla vodka infusion. Classy and smooth!


The menus are generous – choosing our food was soul destroying. The menus are like tall and thin, but jam-packed with options!


We painfully searched the menu trying to pick just ONE dish for our starter, which seemed more impossible the more we read. We decided to share a starter as we wanted a mixture of different things.


We ordered the Ruammit Satay Fondue. What a treat! The platter consists of various bamboo skewers and in the centre is the tea-light-warmed chunky satay sauce.

Grilled Squid – I’d recommend you eat this first! I ate it last and it had gone cold, but I’m told it was beautiful when hot!

Chicken Satay – the most delicious chicken satay I’ve ever tasted.

Beautiful, lemony Thai fish cake balls.

Pork Satay. Yummy porky satay.

For my main course I narrowed my choice down to three recipes, and finally decided upon ‘Udong Pad Khee Mao’ which was Udon noodles stir fried with a seafood mixture (scallops, mussels, prawns and calamari), vegetables, red chillies, spicy green peppercorns and hot basil.



I am a fan of Wagamamas. This was like eating Wagamamas whilst on Ecstacy. It was absolutely incredible. The shellfish were cooked to perfection, the vegetables had bite, the noodles were soft but chewy and the sauce just grabbed me and kicked my ass. It was so spicy but not to the point of ruining the taste. By the time I finished it I’d fed the heat so much that the leftover crushed ice from my Mojito was the only thing that could have saved me!

My sister ordered the ‘Gaeng Garee Kha Gae’ or Lamb Shank in Yellow Curry. It arrived in a gorgeous white tagine and just had the WOW factor! It was stunning.



This was a mind blowing Thai take on a lamb roast. The lamb shank sat in the deep bowl of sauce accompanied by potatoes, broccoli and grilled pumpkin. The sauce was a turmeric and coconut base – it was rich, creamy and delicious. The lamb was beautifully tender, and coupled with the vegetables – the grilled pumpkin in particular – was just so tasty I could have cried.

For dessert we decided to go for some more fondue and ordered the chocolate & fruit fondue for two. I have to admit, I wasn’t massively impressed. I know fruit fondue is fruit on the bamboo skewer and you dip it in chocolate, but I expected something MORE for nearly £7. Maybe some exotic or oriental fruits, or even just something with presence and character. The skewers held melon, pineapple, grapes and strawberries, which were lovely, but the ensemble was a bit anticlimactic given everything else!


Overall, this was an outstanding experience. The staff are friendly, attentive and they are so cheerful. They were always at hand to check in on you, refill water glasses, etc. We witnessed their ‘happy birthday’ performance for a table nearby, it was really entertaining! Drums, cymbals, clapping and enthusiastic singing!

The gorgeous interior design, absolutely fantastic food and lovely staff just made this a dining experience I will be talking about constantly and I will definitely return to Chaophraya for more!


The Townhouse
Nelson Mandela Place
G1 2LL

(0141) 332 0041



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