Made in Belfast

Last weekend I took a little jaunt up north a bit, so I felt that this week I needed a new, bigger jaunt. Belfast seemed like a decent option! My friends and I descended upon a girls’ weekend involving plenty food, drinks and laughs. One of my friends lives in Belfast, and knowing my love for good food, she meticulously planned an itinerary to absolutely blow my mind!

We started with a late dinner and cocktails at a very cool and kitsch restaurant called Made in Belfast. The place is so interestingly decorated to the point of it being almost entertaining. Very few items match and it just looks amazing. The ceiling is covered with magazine pages; the chairs are all odd and some have fake flowers wound around them; some lights are top hats and some are tea pots; Lyle’s Golden Syrup tins are cutlery holders and the tables have Coke bottles as vases. I just loved it!





Profits from the cheeseboards go to the Smile Foundation

The restaurant is very comfortable and casual, yet the menu is very exciting and screams of goodness. I was almost worried that the food wasn’t going to live up to the tone of the menu. Luckily I was wrong!


Chilli glazed, outdoor bred, nutty pork ribs. Served with an apple & celery salad.

When this was placed in front of me I literally gawped at it. It was just so beautiful and dazzling. For being glazed with a chilli sauce, I didn’t really notice any heat. I felt that it was a more sweet and sticky sauce. The meat was lovely and tender – it just fell away from the bone. It was a little bit fatty at the end, but other than that it was a good set of ribs. I have to say though, the spring onions made it for me. They just jazzed the whole dish up! I really enjoyed it.

Pear & Goats cheese fritters with a candied pecan salad.

I do love goats cheese, but I can tire of it pretty quickly. A few mouthfuls and I’m done. I could have eaten my own weight in these fritters! The pear baked into them just made the goats cheese that little bit less harsh and a bit sweeter. The salad was lovely too – nice peppery rocket and the sweet almonds. B-e-a-uuuuutiful.

Main Courses

This is where things get meaty.


8oz Irish beef burger, outdoor bred saddle back bacon, local cheddar, house relish & chunky beef fat chips


Irish black Angus/Dexter rump, peppercorn sauce, buttermilk onion rings & beef fat chips.


This was a phenomenal rump steak: so lean, not a piece of fat, tender, juicy and full of flavour. It was charred and smokey on the outside and just juicy and meaty inside. I couldn’t finish the whole thing, which greatly annoyed me because if stomach capacity was no object I’d have eaten myself into a heart attack! The peppercorn sauce was really creamy and just a little nippy, so it was super. The onion rings and chips were so crispy and not at all greasy – absolute perfection with the steak and sauce. My photo below gives you a glimpse of the lovely medium-rare meat.



£3 a cocktail y’say?

Raspberry & Pear Mojito

I love normal Mojitos, but I really really love Mojitos with a little something extra! MIB has created one with Xante pear liqueur and fresh raspberries. It was gorgeous to taste and served in a damson jam jar – very cute!

Frozen strawberry daiquiri

A classic! Perfect if you want to blow your head off with brain freeze because you have no self control! A traditional, tasty summer cocktail that I personally enjoy frozen or liquid, winter or summer!


This was a new one for the books – MIB’s own creation of Wyborowa Apple Vodka, Chambord and apple juice shaken with strawberry purée, Gomme and fresh lime. Very posh indeed!

Obviously I had a great time in Made in Belfast (you wouldn’t be reading it otherwise), so I would urge people in the area (or those like me on a city break) to take some time out for food and/or drinks there. Inexpensive, has a beautiful atmosphere, and serves gorgeous food and drink!


Made in Belfast,
Cathedral Quarter,
23 Talbot Street,

(028) 90244107




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