Boojum Burrito Bar, Belfast


Mexican food is generally amazing – I absolutely love everything about it: chillies, rice, tortillas, rice, cheese, guacamole, salsa…need I go on? It’s super.

After our night on the tiles and cocktails my friends and I were…peckish, to put it lightly. We’d been hearing about Boojum and it’s awesomeness for months from our friend, so it seemed rude not to go.

Move aside all other lunch options – Boojum is the one! I NEED one to open in Scotland. NEED.

From the street Boojum is totally unassuming. At first I was confused – I was expecting a restaurant. Indoors the place is so busy and alive.


The walls are bright, bold colours with bright canvases and photos. The queue bends around the room and often ends up half way down the street. When you reach the counter, you’re faced with endless burrito options!

I opted for a chilli con carne burrito with Mexican savoury rice, black beans, cheese (amazing cheese!) and guacamole.


Like opening presents on Christmas Day…


Oh, that’s actually quite nice…


Oh aye…yum….


Good god this is amazing! I couldn’t finish it – the burrito defeated me! I’d maybe ask for a little less rice to help myself, but it was seriously life changing-ly tasty.


I can also recommend their nachos! Beautiful, fresh ingredients. But I recommend them as a meal on their own, not alongside a burrito. Too. Much. Food.


Eat Boojums sensibly. And buy me one.


73 Botanic Ave

(Other locations in Belfast and Dublin)

028 9031 5334




Boojum on Urbanspoon


    1. I agree! Mexican food is easy to make as well – we couldn’t fail! If my numbers come up on the lottery we’ll do it!


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