Chaophraya Thai, Edinburgh

I found myself in Edinburgh at lunch time, hungry, and slightly at a loss where to go. Edinburgh has literally hundreds of options, and my current ‘Edinburgh hit list’ is aimed at evening meals. My friend happened to mention my review of Chaophraya and how she wished we could try that. I suddenly realised that I’d read on their Twitter that they’d recently opened their newest addition to the chain in the ‘Burgh. Lo and behold, it was literally round the corner from where we were!


Maybe we are just a bit dim-witted (this is pretty likely…) but we had an adventure getting there. The first issue was totally our fault: we walked right past it.


The number 33 is their door number, and they’re on the 3rd floor. You can see the glass conservatory in the photo – they have seats in this gorgeous area, heated by log burners and you can look out onto the castle. It’s stunning!


We saw this sign and decided to take the stairs instead of the lift. So we headed up the stairs and found ourselves lost in an upper floor full of locked doors and fire escapes. The key to success: be lazy and use the lift. The stairs are not for Chaophraya!

After the ridiculous journey, we decided a wee cocktail was ideal.

Sun Beam – Jim Beam, Midori & banana liqueur shaken with mandarin and pineapple juice served over ice and splashed with grenadine.

Siam Smile – Absolut Vanilla Vodka, pineapple & lemon juice muddled with fresh passion fruit.

We opted for the lunch menu and had a single course each – we were dipping in and out of Edinburgh’s finest cocktail bars and patisseries all day so we didn’t want to overfill ourselves! Splendid.

Pad Udon



This dish consists of gorgeous, fat udon noodles stir fried with fresh seafood (scallops, mussels, calamari, tiger prawns), and flavoured with garlic, chunky chillies, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, fine beans, onion & sweet basil. It’s pretty spicy, but not a patch on the spicy beast I devoured last time I was in Chaophraya! It was delicious. Everything Thai noodles should be!

Massaman Gae



This was absolutely beautiful – really creamy and nutty. The strips of lamb had been slowly cooked in coconut milk with cashew nuts, potato & Spanish onion so everything was soft and moist, but also absolutely saturated with gorgeous flavours. It was served with sticky jasmine rice – every bite was a pleasure. It was just a lovely, warming, comforting (and filling) Thai curry.

Gang Kiew Wan Gai



This was a really interesting tasting Thai green curry. At first it tastes very mild and sweet, then the fiery chillies kick in. It was fantastic. The chicken is marinated with lemon grass, coriander & garlic and then grill cooked. The chicken is added to the green curry sauce, avocado, fine beans, sweet basil, red chilli & sticky jasmine rice. It was really tasty and not too heavy to eat. Just beautiful.

The staff were friendly, the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous – the same Chaophraya style but with this beautiful rooftop edge – and I had a lovely dining experience here. My friends were delighted that it lived up to their expectations.

4th Floor
33 Castle Street

(0131) 2267614



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