Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The ultimate burger experience is right here, look no further, I found it!

Holy moly.

So there we were, walking through York, looking for a Subway to get our quick fix lunch and there stands the bold Gourmet Burger Kitchen, looking at us, beckoning. My dad took a bit of convincing; he was geared up for his Subway sandwich. But looking at the lovely brick exterior, sniffing the meaty, garlicky air and reminiscing about the burgers I made myself last week I couldn’t help but really crave a burger.


Before I get onto the burgers themselves, look! Free monkey nuts!


The varieties, concoctions and sheer number of amazingly decadent and sinful or decadent and healthy options really frazzled our brains. Especially when you see the burgers whizz past you, bulging with goodness and harpooned into place with a skewer.

But, we finally decided, and decided on these bad boys:

The Chicken Satay Burger


If you like Nando’s then you’ll LOVE this. It tastes so much like Nando’s chicken except the chicken is moist – Nando’s can be pretty dry! It was a gorgeous, big juicy breast of chicken smothered in Satay sauce. The bun was coated in Coriander & lime mayonnaise and the chicken was topped with alfalfa sprouts, relish and a slice of tomato. I was totally defeated by this burger – I can eat big portions of some food and pitiful portions of others: burgers aren’t my strength. I had to bail out midway through the burger; Adam Richman would point and laugh.


The Chicken, Camembert & Cranberry Burger


My love for cheese, and Camembert in particular is no secret. This burger was a beautiful way to eat it. I’m not a massive fan on the cranberry – I take my jam lightly, but I do enjoy it. This burger was really mild and tasty. The chicken was chargrilled to give a rich smoky taste and the Camembert and cranberry added a creamy, sweet and mild taste.




This was an absolute beast. The size of it was overwhelming! A big, toasted brioche bun with a huge, juicy beef patty cooked medium. This was topped with a slice of American cheese, two beautiful, crispy onion rings, cajun relish, a dill pickle & curly lettuce, tomato with smoked chilli mayonnaise. It was the ultimate cheeseburger.


Classic Cheeseburger


If all you want is a simple, classic and timeless burger then this is for you. The beatiful fresh beef patty is cooked rare, medium or well to your taste and topped with lettuce, tomato, relish and a generous slice of cheese. Simple, yet amazing.

Alongside our food was a portion of lovely, REAL, chips with the most amazing mayonnaise I’ve ever tasted in my life. Garlic, lime and coriander mayonnaise. Words can’t even describe how amazing the flavour was. I’m definitely going to make my own version of it because I need it with all chips from now on!


Your burgers arrive on the table as ordered, and if you want to punch it up a bit, you can take yourself to the saucy station and get creative. You can also help yourself to decanters of water!


We decided to go nuts (literally) and have some milkshakes. The calories from the burgers aren’t enough for us monsters. So we tried the new shake:



It was amazing. Served in frozen metal cups, they were sweet and creamy, nutty and also a tiny bit salty. So, so good! I can also vouch for the banana and the chocolate milkshakes. Even after the outrageous amount of food eaten, these milkshakes went down a treat!

As it turns out, this is actually a chain of burger kitchens and Scotland has one (HOORAY!) in Edinburgh. I WILL defeat that burger next time…


Gourmet Burger Kitchen,


7 Lendal,



(0190) 463 9537

Various outlets across the UK




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      1. I recommend their sweet potato fries when you’re there next. I hope they are on their regular menu and not just the Xmas menu we had!


  1. I NEED THIS. The brie one looks amazing, as does the Taxi Driver and the Classic and the… THEY ALL DO!!


  2. I think I just drooled on my keyboard. The brie one looks amazing, as does the Taxi Driver, and the Classic, and the… OH, THEY ALL DO!!


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