The Chocolate Lounge – Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh

When I’m in Edinburgh I need to go to Harvey Nichols for a look around…bags, shoes, bags, scarves, bags…. My window shopping bill would frighten the Kardashians.

I browsed each floor, knowing that my 2nd favourite floor was waiting at the very top for me: the food market. Oh it is just gorgeous, and next to it, The Chocolate Lounge. My favourite floor has the bags. The beautiful, beautiful bags.


The photograph is from their Instagram page – to put it simply: the lounge is very much like a bar. Specifically, a YO! Sushi bar. You sit around the bar on barstools whilst a conveyer belt circles with cupcakes, glasses and champagne bottles. Contrary to my assumption, these are purely for display display and the cakes they serve are kept behind the counter. They have a decent menu and it ranges from chocolate sandwiches to cakes to cocktails.



Raspberry & White Chocolate Cupcake – complete with a Jazzle & berry coulis!


The Oreo Cupcake




Pink Champagne & Strawberries


Malibu Coconutini

For those who are curious, this is a blend of Malibu, Baileys and chocolate liqueur. Delicious, but it’s very rich!

We had our drinks and cake with a casual chat before heading off around Edinburgh. The novelty is what drew me here, and the cocktails will have me coming back! The cupcakes were a bit on the dry side but still lovely. The staff are very friendly and keep you right by explaining the menu/organisation when you arrive. If you’re looking for an afternoon treat then I recommend it – just beware of the lust gauntlet you need to complete to make it to the top floor!


The Chocolate Lounge

Harvey Nichols

30-34 St. Andrews Square



(0131) 5248350


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