The Butchershop Bar & Grill, Glasgow

It’s been a while since I went out for a slap-up steak dinner! For my friends birthday we did plenty research into places in Glasgow and all signs pointed to The Butchershop Bar & Grill in the west end of Sauchiehall street.


The restaurant looks bigger from the outside than it actually is – it’s tiny. You have plenty room, but it has a cosy feel to it and is tastefully decorated. We were greeted by friendly staff who kept us watered throughout our meal.



Tomato with Aged Balsamic Soup

This was very tasty – tart tomato with a deep balsamic twist. Really lovely soup.


Hand-Dived Scallops From The Isle of Barra with Champ potato & Lemon butter sauce

The scallops were lovely, but generally this lacked flavour. There was just something missing from it. I couldn’t really taste the lemon nor any seasoning. It was nice – just nothing to write home about.



Sautéed Calamari, Chorizo & Serrano Ham with Cafe de Paris butter

This was absolutely stunning. The calamari was so fresh and soft – by far the nicest I’ve tasted. The chorizo was everything it should be: rich, smokey, deep and a little chewy.


Warm Goats Cheese Cake with Caramelised apple & hazelnut salad

This was nice but a really odd texture. It had the deep goats cheese flavour,but instead of the usual gooey, soft texture of the cheese it was a dry, almost powdery consistency. I’m on the fence with this one!


I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here and I’d go as far as saying it was the most beautiful steak I’ve eaten. My only concern was that people at my tale ordered their meat to be cooked in a certain way, and almost nobody was given exactly what they asked for. The meat does come out more rare than requested. For me I’m not fazed by this, but for some they were polite but visibly displeased – be aware of this when ordering!


I ordered a medium-cooked 250g fillet steak. You can see that it’s actually medium rare – which I love anyway so it wasn’t an issue. I never order medium rare for this exact reason because if it came to me too rare I’d be put off. The steak was really tender, juicy and had a lovely chargrilled taste. It was the most beautiful steak I’ve eaten, and I don’t hesitate in saying that!

We ordered several accompaniments…


Creamed Spinach

The creamed spinach is absolutely gorgeous – thick and creamy with a hint of garlic.


Glazed Carrots

I have no idea what these were glazed with but they were the sweetest, most delicious carrots ever. I couldn’t get enough of them!


Onion Rings

Lovely thick cuts of onion in spongey batter with a crispy exterior. The perfect onion rings.


Green Beans

What it says on the tin!


Garlic Mushrooms

These were gorgeous mushrooms – nicely coated in a garlic and herb butter. Mushrooms are the perfect addition to a steak dinner in my eyes – mushrooms and steak just compliment each other beautifully.

All together the steak (which was literally to die for) and the accompaniments (I’d probably die for them too if I’m honest) just created an amazing taste sensation.



For me, everything was delicious, well cooked and seasoned – the meal had my mouth watering. I love a béarnaise sauce with my steak – it’s so luxurious. Buttery, creamy and just delectable with your meaty steak. My friend gave me a taste of her peppercorn sauce which was gorgeous too. I love when I’ve got a bit of everything in a mouthful. Bloody beautiful.


I had a fabulous meal here and I will definitely be going back. I would pay the same again for the calibre of meal I consumed. It’s the best steak I have eaten in the UK by a mile. Having decent accompaniments will cost you, and that’s the one thing that doesn’t sit too well with me in general, despite it becoming more and more common in restaurants. It’s not cheap, but when you taste it, it’s worth it! During the week they offer meal deals so check their website out!

That aside, the staff were lovely and very attentive, the food and cocktails were delicious and overall it was an amazing meal. I’ll be seeing you soon Butchershop!


The Butchershop Bar & Grill

1055 Sauchiehall Stree,


G3 7UD

(0141) 3392999



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