The Tullie Inn, Balloch, Loch Lomond

My last review was the re-launch of The Tullie Inn and I said at the end of the review that I was so impressed that I booked a table there and then. I was off to my favourite part of the world, good old Argyll, and decided to make The Tullie Inn my new pit stop. I’ll do a recap of the photographs to show the new-look restaurant – I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s gorgeous!




The sun was splitting the trees (and my corneas) and we were seated in the front glasshouse. It was bright, summery and just the perfect summer dinner venue. I already knew what I wanted, but I looked out the window at their lovely garden while my company took a look at the menu.



Beef Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

A fresh starter to kick off your meal. It’s not my ideal dish, but I know plenty who love things like this. I had a try and the dressing really gave the cheese and tomato a punch. A light, refreshing dish.


Wild Boar pâté with Toast

This. Was. Beautiful! It was like a mixture between a terrine and a pâté. It was chunky, but also had smoothness to it. It was served with toast and a balsamic onion chutney which was just the cherry on the sundae. The pâté was rich and meaty and the chutney was tart. Together they were just delicious.

Main Courses



Chargrilled Chicken Pad Thai

This was really tasty! The Thai stir fried red peppers, pak choi, sugar snap peas and chicken served with noodles (or rice as the gluten free option) with a little jug of dark soy on the side. The sweet tastes of pak choi and red peppers coupled with the kick of chilli made this a very tasty dish. Beauty in simplicity.



Slow-cooked Pulled Pork

This was one of my favourite samples during the launch event. It is absolutely beautiful. Regulars on HoH will know I LOVE pulled pork. The pork is slow cooked in a barbecue sauce and is served hot in a little ceramic pot. It’s so sweet, smoky and sticky. Just perfect! You’re given a grilled apple and the most delicious potato skins to eat with it. It’s to die for.



Moules Frites

This is the PERFECT example of the beauty in simplicity. Mussels, I find, are really moreish and almost addictive. They’re especially addictive when served in a really, really well made marinières sauce. I reviewed a restaurant in York called Nineteen and said they made the best mussels ever. Well, good news Scotland: these are on a par! You can’t see the sauce in my photo as the bowl was piled HIGH with shells. The fries were perfect, the mussels were perfect and the sauce was perfect. I’m going to use the word once more: it was perfect!


I used to skip dessert as I was too full. My friend introduced me to a new way of thinking:


God bless her.



Meringue with Strawberries and fresh cream

Such a classic Scottish dessert! Scotland has such wonderful products – strawberries are way up that list! Tart but sweet and so juicy – the best addition to crumbly sweet meringue with whipped cream.





Sharing Sweet Plate

Oh man. How to even explain this one?! Well. It’s heaven on a plate. But also a food coma on a plate. You’re given a deliciously rich sticky toffee pudding with pouring cream, a soft vanilla cheesecake topped with summer fruits and coulis, and a set of profiteroles. I’d like to say that I behaved in a courteous, ladylike manner and only ate my fair share of the profiteroles. I’d love to say that. But I vowed to always be honest on my blog. I was a pig. A wild boar even. They’re just too good.


I don’t really need to say much more on the matter – I wouldn’t ever endorse a restaurant I thought was rubbish. I really do urge you all to try this place. But don’t eat all the profiteroles, save me some!


The Tullie Inn

Balloch Road


Loch Lomond

G83 8SW

(01389) 752052



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