Byron Burgers London

In anticipation of my London trip, I indulged my obsession with The Londoner and had a look at all her eating places. I eyed up Patty & Bun, Porky’s, Five Guys, Byron…amongst a few others. The focus really was on a good burger. I’m not a huge burger fan, mainly as I can’t seem to finish one, but recently I’ve got a real taste for them. Byron was the first burger joint in London to meet the Herb.


After a walk that felt like the London marathon (due to partial tube closures) we arrived on the doorstep of Byron Burgers. The original plan had been to check out the new Five Guys joint as it’s the first in the UK. The 100-person queue sprawled round the corner and inside was packed. We’d walked too far to join the queue.

Byron was the replacement – I actually preferred the look of their food when doing my research. What can I say, I got sucked into the Five Guys excitement. We were met by very casual and friendly staff who took us to a table in the also busy burger bar and gave us a good introduction to the place. It’s like a trendy canteen – you can see from their pictures what it looks like. No muss, no fuss, but perfectly comfortable.



We were in a decent sized group and had walked for miles, so we ordered enough food to feed our small army. I noticed Macaroni Cheese on offer as a side – something that Scottish burger places haven’t yet embraced – and I don’t feel ashamed in saying I got a little bit hysterical.

We ordered…



The Byron Burger

Byron use Scottish beef (hooray!) and mince it themselves every day. They cook their patties medium to allow for the juiciest burgers. The Byron burger patty is topped with gooey mature cheddar, dry cured bacon, and simple lettuce, tomato, red onion and Byron sauce. The Byron sauce was like a kind of tartare sauce, with a subtle difference. It was gorgeous and creamy and I struggled to identify the ingredients that made it!



Chicken Burger

Chicken burgers can often be really dry and tasteless, but not here. The breast of marinaded chicken is chargrilled and placed into a bun with baby spinach, tomato, red onion and tomato mayonnaise. Delicious.




Chilli Burger

This is one fiery burger! The patty is topped with sliced green chillies, smothered in American cheese and topped with shredded iceberg and chipotle mayonnaise. The chipotle mayonnaise was full-bodied, smoky, spicy and utterly brilliant. Given that the chipotle mayonnaise was already spicy, the green chilli just created an inferno. I absolutely loved this, despite crying.

We ordered a few sides to accompany our beautiful burgers…


French Fries

Sometimes I feel like French fries are given the cold shoulder, and people want REAL CHIPS or the likes. Personally, with a burger, I wouldn’t dream of anything other than gorgeous slim, crispy fries.


Hand Made Skin-On Chips

These were gorgeous chips, but as I said, I’m a fries girl. The chips were really crispy yet soft and fluffy – with something like a steak, for example, I’d love them. They’re just not the size zero French fry I’m attracted to.


Macaroni Cheese

Oh hello lover. I was so happy to see this on the menu and even happier when it was placed in front of me. Macaroni tubes in a devilishly creamy cheese sauce, topped with more cheese an baked to perfection. I had to hold myself from licking the bowl clean. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t finish my burger and the Byron staff thought there was a problem! I’d hardly call delicious mac ‘n’ cheese a problem!


This is not the star of the show, but I wanted to show my appreciation. After walking for what felt like a hundred miles in scorching summer weather (wearing typical Glaswegian attire) this simple Diet Coke was a lifesaver.

We left Byron stuffed to the gunnels and nursing sizeable food babies. Many thanks to Byron for a delicious lunch, quick and friendly service and for offering macaroni cheese. Please consider a branch in Scotland. You’ve traveled up as far as Manchester, what’s another few miles?


Byron Burger

24-28 Charing Cross Road



0207 240 3550




  1. I really should stop reading your posts when i’m hungry. I just end up being hungrier and not at all satisfied with whatever I prepare to fill the void because I start lusting after the food you’ve posted.


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