The Kilberry Inn

My favourite place in the entire world is Kilberry. (On you go, get the Google Map fired up!)

It is literally the most magical place in the world for me. Growing up, I spent every school holiday as well as several weekends in this area of Argyll. I live a fairly hectic life at times, and I go through times where I just crave being in this special place. The drive past Loch Lomond, Loch Long, Loch Fyne and all the little towns in between is just so picturesque.


This photograph shows the single track road that will lead you to Kilberry, a tiny village between Ardrishaig and Tarbert. You’ll cover about 18 miles on this scenic road and then you’ll see the red phone box and white inn.



You enter into the bar of the stone walled, tin roofed inn and I’m always taken by the beams in the roof and the fireplaces. It’s such a typical, yet special, country inn. We were greeted like regulars despite only visiting for the first time and felt relaxed and comfortable.



Assorted Breads, Olives, Butter & Balsamic



Queenie Scallops Toasted with a Herb & Mull Cheddar Crust

I love scallops. Regular readers know this. But I have to say, these were the best scallops I have ever tried. I want to jump up and down singing their praises! Juicy little scallops hidden under a crumbly, cheesy blanket. They were so full of flavour and were mouthwateringly tasty. Heaven.

Main Course



Slow Braised Pork Belly with Orange & Cardamom, Sweet Winter Slaw and Caramelised Macadamia Nuts

This was a vey interesting dish. Part of it I absolutely adored, parts I wasn’t keen on and parts that just interested me. The pork was flawless. From its glossy, tanned and perfectly formed spiral look to the fact that it fell apart. I think that I’ve abused that term ‘fell apart’ too loosely in the past. This was the most tender pork I’ve eaten. The sweet winter slaw wasn’t to my taste. I think the combination of the rough textured slaw and the tender pork, added to the really quirky orange and cardamom sauce just didn’t work for me. The sauce was delicious, especially with the pork, but the slaw didn’t work for me personally.


Who needs slaw when you have Dauphinoise Potatoes? These are my guilty pleasure. So creamy and beautiful. We ordered these separate because, well, I couldn’t not order them! £2.50 for such wondrous potato!

So we ate our food, I finished my wine and we were too full for dessert.

Thank you to the Kilberry Inn for an absolutely delicious meal and friendly service! I’ll be back!


The Kilberry Inn


Argyll & Bute
PA29 6YD

(01880) 770223




  1. Sharon that was a lovely review. I had a lump in my throat all the way through and a tear in my eye at the end. What a lovely memory xx


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