The Three Chimneys, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

I had been following The Three Chimneys restaurant on twitter for a while – I’m not sure how I found them, but I enjoyed seeing some of the photographs they uploaded of food and the stunning views of Dunvegan in the Isle of Skye. My friends and I ended up in Skye during our summer roadtrip, and my friend Alison mentioned the restaurant as she’d been before and absolutely loved it. I was very excited!



I can’t lie: the drive to get there is pretty long, much longer and filled with single track road than I anticipated! When we arrived we were met by very formal and attentive staff and were seated straight away. The restaurant is similar to most crofter cottages-come-restaurants with the whitewash, beams and trendy furniture.



I love the delicious bread you’re given before you’re served your meal. This one was a sea salt and rosemary bread, if memory serves me correctly. Beautiful.




West Coast Fish Soup

I’m a massive seafood fan so I ordered this straight away, but for the first time, I started to worry. A chunky fish soup? I am so glad I didn’t back out and opt for something ‘safer’ because this was absolutely delicious. This full bodied soup was partially liquidised and partially chunky, with pieces of salmon and mussels throughout a rich dill and tomatoey base. I’m going to try to recreate this soup myself because it would be absolutely divine on a cold day with some crusty bread.


Blade & Tongue of Black Isle Beef with Mangetiut, Neeps & Pickles

Tongue is one of the few types of food I just can’t stomach, despite being told how good it is. It looked amazing, and a lot less tongue like (I appreciate I sound like a child) but I couldn’t bring myself to try a bite. My friend who ordered it loved it.


Creamed Crowdie ‘Flory’ with Brambles, Mustard Leaves, Shallot & Thyme Flower Relish

This was beautiful. In particular I loved the mixture of flavours from the assorted leaves in the salad alongside the thickness of the Crowdie. The brambles and relish cut through the creaminess and you’re left with a beautifully indulgent yet fresh starter.

Main Courses



Crown of Perthshire Wood Pigeon with Tattie Scones, Totaig Leeks, Carrots & Cherries

This was absolutely gorgeous. To my horror, I’d ordered this dish and shortly after it was placed in front of me rare as rare can be. I overheard the waiter offer customers at another table choice about how it was cooked and I was a bit gutted I wasn’t offered. I managed to eat it nonetheless, and I can say my first taste of Wood Pigeon was a good experience! The tender gamey meat was beautifully accompanied by homely vegetables and tattie scone and then spiked with tart cherries.




Gigha Scallop & Sconser Hallibut with Skye Potatoes, Courgettes, Lobster Tomalley & Tarragon Butter

If I had to go back and change my order (which I’m not sure I would), I’d pick this. It was absolutely stunning. The pan fried king scallop and Hallibut were placed atop a clever taste combination of vegetables and sauce. The vegetables were prepared almost like a salsa and coated in the pungent tarragon butter, and drizzled with the lobster tomalley. It was fresh and unbelievably tasty.




Talisker Cranachan with Raspberries, Shortbread & Oatmeal Crunch

I do love cranachan, and this was no different. Crunchy, sweet, creamy and tart. The floral decoration stole my heart, I have a thing for flowers.


‘The Hot Marmalade Pudding’ with Drambuie Custard

Alison spoke very highly of this dessert (the whole way to the restaurant she gave us a mouth-watering brief). I really fancied the cranachan, but I felt like this dessert was a right of passage. It lived up to its reputation: it was phenomenal! It was a plain, almost – dare I say it? – boring looking dish. But this heavy-duty dessert packed a massive punch in the flavour department, which makes its plain look seem cool. The hot orange pudding – when I say hot orange I’m describing the flavour rather than the temperature – is floating in warm, boozy custard. It’s heavy, but absolutely wonderful.



Selection of Scottish Cheeses with Three Chimney’s Oatcakes, Relish & Grapes

The food and service in The Three Chimneys was sheer perfection and it’s abundantly clear that this restaurant runs like a well oiled machine. My only criticism was that it lacked any atmosphere and the staff were attentive and polite to an extent that at times was slightly uncomfortable and overbearing. They meant well, did their job and we had outstanding service, but for me there was no chemistry or personality. I’d definitely go back and if I’m back in Skye I’ll definitely stop by again!


The Three Chimneys and The House Over-By



Isle of Skye

IV55 8ZT

(01470) 511258



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