Ee-Usk Seafood Restaurant, Oban

I mentioned in my first post of 2014 that part of my personal bucket list was to have visited all of the Scottish Islands, and this year I have ticked off the Isle of Mull (road-trip blog post to follow)!

To get to Mull, we took the ferry from Oban and decided to grab some lunch before we left. I had been recommended Ee-Usk by a friend and I was excited to try it after hearing his rave reviews!






The start of any holiday, roadtrip, adventure, meal (etc) requires a toast over a glass of crisp wine and a moment’s pause.



Haddock Pot

Oh. Good. God. I don’t know if I got the name right, but I definitely remember how this tasted. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that fish, potato and cheese are my staple comfort ingredients. This was a ramekin filled with smoked haddock pieces, mashed potato and cheese sauce with a molten cheese top. It was ridiculous.



Breaded Brie with Redcurrant Jam

These were exactly what they say on the tin – baked cheesey goodness!



Seabass with Spring Onion Mash & Mornay Sauce

Seabass – good.
Spring onion – good.
Mash – good.
Cheesey sauce – good.

So what was wrong? Well, I know I’m being fussy, but presentation. The portion looked a little stingy and the ingredients were just dropped onto the plate. Taste-wise, I have no complaints at all. The fish was fresh and cooked beautifully so it flaked off easily. The sauce was rich and creamy and the mash was beautiful. It just looked home cooked and fit for purpose, rather than a little special – which is what you look for when dining out!

We were absolutely in the mood for dessert, but unfortunately we’d miss the ferry. We settled our really reasonable bill and headed off to the Isle of Mull! I’d definitely return to Ee-Usk as the service was as lovely as the food, and their a la carte menu looks absolutely fantastic! I have plenty more islands to visit via Oban, so I’ll be back!



North Pier



PA34 5QD

(01631) 565666



Ee-usk on Urbanspoon


  1. Looks like it would taste good, but know what you mean about the presentation – it’s not that appetising!


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