The Mishnish, Tobermory – Isle of Mull

When visiting new places it is very important to scout out the places you’d like to visit. I had hand picked a few restaurants that I had deemed perfect for my island adventure.

When visiting remote areas of Scotland i.e. The Highlands and Islands, check that they’re actually open at the time of year you’re visiting in. February is winter/low season and many places are closed. Places = all the restaurants I’d hand picked for our trip – aaaah!

We ventured into Balamory Tobermory and found The Mishnish Hotel was serving food. Whilst it’s a basic harbour hotel, I had a lovely first impression – a roaring fire, tartan carpets, the sound of chatting and laughter and the smell of food in the air!


It’s the yellow one!


The beautiful fireplace which was roaring when we arrived!

If anyone can translate that for me I'd be really impressed! Google was not remotely helpful. Or maybe it was, and the person who write the message was drunk – who knows?!




Scallops in Paprika Cream

We both opted for the scallops. “Paprika cream” = sold! We love scallops anyway, but these were absolutely gorgeous! Scottish seafood is world renowned for being the best, but when you’re eating it in a restaurant just yards away from where it was landed, you just can’t beat that! They were served with a lovely salad, which made it a light and delicious starter.

Main Courses



Venison Medallions with Chive Mash & Redcurrant Jus

My sister ordered the venison. If venison is the flame, then my sister is the defenceless moth! It was absolutely beautiful. The rich meat was cooked rare to her taste and was so juicy and tender. The chive mash, vegetables and jus were perfect with it. Hearty Scottish fare!


My tools!

I decided to order the langoustines. I love langoustine, lobster, crab….but I just feel totally overwhelmed by how to eat them. These tools didn’t ease my mind.


Check out the gritted teeth and concentration on my face!



Local Langoustines with Garlic Butter & Fries

It’s much easier than I thought! The langoustines were gorgeous, and for once I didn’t panic that they were looking at me. The garlic butter was the downfall – there just wasn’t enough garlic in it, so it did lack in the flavour department. That aside, it was a light and fresh main course which was totally guilt free. That’s a free pass for dessert, isn’t it?

Oh yes.




Granny’s Toffee Apple Pie

This was pretty fantastic! Layer upon layer of warm apple in toffee sauce, encased in gorgeous golden, flaky pastry. I absolutely love and adore all pastry goods, but pie is way up there. It was just beautiful with a cuppa and the ice cream served with it!



Chocolate & Drambuie Mousse

I didn’t think I’d like this; I’m not a massive chocolate dessert fan and when alcohol is involved it can only be an extreme reaction: I’ll love or hate it. I loved this. Not enough to order it myself, but love it enough to risk death by trying to steal some from my sister.

The Mishnish Hotel really was a last resort for dinner, and we entered feeling disappointed that the places we’d picked were shut. We were pleasantly surprised and raved about the meal the whole way home! Thanks for having us Mishnish!


The Mishnish Hotel

Main Street


Isle Of Mull

PA75 6NU

(01688) 302009


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