Ate O’Clock in York

Ate O’Clock is no stranger to House of Herby – I raved about this restaurant about a year ago. I recently decided to go back when my family and I took our annual weekend in York! Ate O’Clock has actually managed to improve their food – not that they needed to – and this time I left feeling completely in love with them!


Amuse Bouche

This was a new and welcome addition to the dining set up since we were last here: a nutty and slightly fruity crushed ice shot. I’m a massive fan of coconut in all forms (especially my dear sweet Malibu) so this was right up my street. Given the gorgeous weather, it cooled me down and had me eager for my meal!




Truffle Infused Brie with Spiced Strawberry Chutney

My sister ordered this the last time we were here and I loved my taste. I was super keen on another starter so we agreed to go half-and-half with this and the other dish. It was the best idea ever. I got to eat half of this absolutely beautiful dish. I have never been one for Brie and cranberry, and I have never understood the obsession. Clearly Brie goes with bacon, not fruit. I definitely never will go for the cranberry now that I’ve tried it with strawberry. It’s so sweet and delicious! I guarantee that anyone who tries this combination will absolutely love it.




Smoked Haddock in Cheese Sauce with Crumble Topping

Here we have the other starter that we decided to share, and I can’t say it was better or worse than the Brie & strawberry chutney, so you can imagine how much I enjoyed it. This was a little pot of luxurious goo. Yep. Gooey cheese sauce with chunky smoky fish which was absolutely to die for smeared over the toasted ciabatta. I have said it before: you can’t beat gooey cheese. I just loved this so much.



Fillet Steak & Trimmings

I think the pictures speak for themselves! Cooked to order and cooked perfectly, the steak was tender and juicy and the accompaniments were so fresh and tasty. You’ll see how much care goes into each element – from the colourful and dressed side salad, to the roasted tomatoes.



Seared Venison on Creamed Leek, Cabbage & Smoker Bacon with Parmentier Potatoes

My sister, queen of venison, didn’t surprise us when she opted for one of the special main courses and it just so happened to be the one with some juicy venison! I love venison too and I have to say that this has been my favourite venison dish, mainly due to the creamy bed of cabbage and leek with smoked bacon. That mixture on its own was so rich and decadent, the gamey meat was a blissfully tasty bonus. So, so good.


Assiette of Sea & Spice

This dish is available on the regular menu, and I can see why. It is an absolute belter! When it was placed in front of me I felt like a kid in a candy shop and I had no idea where to start. So naturally I frenzied and picked at random parts excitedly!



Tiger Prawn & Mussel Chowder

I love my shellfish and I love my chowder, so this portion was actually what sold the entire trio to me when I read the menu! I was a little disappointed to see that the chowder was a tomato based sauce, and I have to stress that this is my taste complaining rather than a criticism. I ate all the fish but didn’t mop the sauce up as tomatoey sauces don’t do much for me.


Thai Spiced Crab Cake on Wilted Greens

I have never been served a more generously sized crab cake in my life! It. Was. Huge. It was beautifully fresh and typically Thai with coriander and lemongrass flavours humming through it. It was thick with crab meat and herbs and spices – no filler potato in sight. The crispy breadcrumbs have a light crunch and the wilted greens….I didn’t pay much attention to them. The crab cake was just so good.


Cajun Spiced Cod on Lyonnaise Potatoes

This was the winner of the trio for me – it was so spicy but so, so delicious. I expected to like it as I’d bought a Moroccan Cod from Whole Foods ages ago, and I assumed it would taste a bit similar. The Cajun coating was thick and cooked crispy onto the fish. Many people can be funny with cod as it’s so wet, but this worked wonders with such a spicy, crunchy topping. The mild fish calmed the wild topping. It was just perfect.





“Snozberry” Cheesecake

I made up the Snozberry part – they used a hybrid of strawberries and raspberries and I was so amused by the image of Gene Wilder in my head saying “the snozberries taste like snozberries!” that I forgot the actual name that they gave to them!

I liked how it was served a little bit deconstructed with chunky crushed biscuits topped with the cream cheese topping and fruits. The Snozberries are hard to describe without saying that they tasted like raspberry and strawberry! Sweet, tart, and very soft and juicy. Lovely.




Fondue for 2

My sister and I stuck to our sharing theme of the evening and opted for a fondue set between us. I LOVE sharing desserts and I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate fondue. Succulent, ripe fruit and marshmallows with a pot of molten chocolate. Amazing.

A wee funny story…My sister doesn’t like banana and decided to give it another try. The single most hilarious thing I’ve seen in ages: her trying to remain composed when clearly distressed, disgusted and trying failing to hold back the boke. Poor soul. All the more banana for me!

After a day of exploring the history of the city, strolling through the park, racing Lamborghinis at the airfields and looking around museums, the fabulous food here is exactly what you want! As always the staff were lovely and attentive, the restaurant cosy and comfortable. Ate O’Clock is my current favourite in York! We’re planning another cheeky jaunt down this year, so our visits may become bi-annual!


Ate O’clock

13A High Ousegate



(01904) 644080



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    1. You’ll struggle to believe that I didn’t order it all for myself….but yes, I ate loads! The haddock and cheese pot was just too good. I can’t word my feelings on it without using profanity, haha.


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