Meat the Pig by Chef John Traynor

My Instagram followers and Twitter followers will have been waiting on this post after the surge of delicious photographs I posted after attending this delicious pig-fest! Chef John Traynor, who is the group head chef for Little Urban Achievers Club in Glasgow, has been running a series of culinary showcases, each based on a different theme. This event was named ‘Meat the Pig’….and meat the pig I did!


Little Urban Achievers Club (LUAC) is a casual bar and restaurant on Great Western Road in Glasgow, and although I haven’t been there to try their own menu, I really liked it. I liked the decor and the staff were so friendly. I stupidly arrived to the event 2 hours early (seriously…) as my phone had synced the time of the event from the Facebook event, and overwritten the time I was actually booked in for. So the lovely staff refrained from taking the piss out of me and chatted to me like the lovely lot they are!


I was seated at a table with a group of other bloggers and we had a wonderful night sampling the goods while a live band – Mick Edgar’s Smokin’ Blue Band – played jaunty tunes and gave the place an amazing atmosphere. I tried to make an Instagram video of the food and music but it crashed. And then I ate all my food. Sorry.


At our table was a complimentary limited edition, boxed bottle of “Smokin’ Gunn” beer by Innes & Gunn and a box or pork scratchings. I don’t like beer or pork scratchings, so I generously donated mine to the table where they were demolished!


Smoked Pig Cheek Broth

The first course was a hunk of pig cheek in a delicious, deep flavoured soup – served in a tin cup! I love a tin cup. The bread was served in a kilner jar and was a clever addition that reminded me of my meal at Mark Greenaway where the sealed glass container held smoke that flavoured the food. The herb smoked bread was beautiful and magnified the rich, smoky taste of the soup. The pig cheek was so tender, but my favourite part was the stock as it was just so tasty.


Jalapeño Poppers with Home-Smoked Cheese

I absolutely love a jalapeño popper, but the only place I ever seem to eat them is Chiquito’s. I’m fairly habitual with my Mexican food and I intend to change this! The difference between my chain popper and this was just incredible. The breadcrumb coating was crumbly and crispy, the home smoked cheese was so rich and creamy and the jalapeños were nice and plump. Delicious. One of my poppers was fiery hot and the other was milder which was fun!


Jalapeño Popper – Pulled Pork, Ham Hock & Home Smoked Cheese

Here is the piggy twist – a jalapeño stuffed with ham hock. Amazing. If I could order half like this and half with just cheese I would. Ridiculously tasty. Think of all the different things you could stuff into a jalapeño?!


Meat the Pig Tasting Platter

I was stunned when this massive oar was placed in front of me and I realised I was all for me! It consisted of: a ham hock croquette, sticky bourbon BBQ pig cheeks, pulled pork, sweet ‘n’ sour ribs, salt tender loin of pork, crispy mint pig slider, sweet potato fries and my own tube of home-made BBQ sauce.


Crispy Mint Pig Slider

I didn’t finish eating my slider because I left it until the end and I just couldn’t manage! I even ditched the bun and just tried the breaded burger in its own. It tasted beautiful and really sweet. I didn’t pick up the taste of mint, but then I wasn’t looking for it and didn’t know that’s what was in it until I came to write this up. It was really nice, but the rest of the items are SO much more interesting and delicious!…


Pulled Pork & Home-made BBQ Sauce

I love me some pulled pork. This little dod on the platter was lovely but I’ll be honest, it was just pulled pork! I can’t say much about it other than it was what it said on the tin and I liked it!


Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs

I can be totally hit or miss when it comes to ribs as I get a bit freaked out by the texture of them. I never manage to do the ‘strip it to the bone’ thing, but I certainly gave my best shot! They were absolutely delicious and the meat was nice and tender.


Salt Tender Loin of Pork

The meat itself was gorgeous and flavoured beautifully, but it was a little bit dry. I used the tube of BBQ sauce to moisten it, but I could’ve done with something to eat it with – a bit of salad or something. The meat was gorgeous and I cleared it!


Ham Hock Croquette

This. This….was truly amazing. The most delicious thing ever. I can’t even accurately describe how beautiful this was.

Croquettes to me = going to my gran’s for dinner and she’d make Marks & Spencer’s potato croquettes.

So back to these croquettes: think M&S ones with creamy, cheesy potato blended with ham hock. Amazing. If I could have taken a box of 50 of these home I would. And I’d eat them in one frenzy and not feel bad.



Bacon Donuts

Yes. Bacon donuts. Most people pull a face and seem confused by this, until I remind them of pancakes with bacon. When will people get it? BACON GOES WITH EVERYTHING. I loved these – proper home made donuts that were crisp and sugary on the outside and fluffy on the inside. There could have been a bit more of a bacon taste for me, but I enjoyed and demolished mine nonetheless!

The next event is chicken themed and looks amazing! I’m going to be living it up in the Scandinavian region of the world at that time so I’m missing it, but if you want to go then here are the details! It’s an amazing evening and I can’t recommend it more! Book quickly to ensure you get a spot as it will sell out!


See the LUAC Facebook page for event details and updates!


Little Urban Achievers Club
508 Great Western Road


G12 8EL

(0141) 237 4040



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