2 for £30 @ The Butchershop Bar & Grill, Glasgow

I have raved about The Butchershop before after I went for a meal one Saturday night, but this time I’m going to show you their Tuesday night special and continue to sing their praises! I personally see them as the best steak in Glasgow, but that’s mainly because I loved their steak so much I didn’t bother trying the rest of the others!

We started with a little cocktail that was a special – I’m at a loss trying to remember the name! It was Prosecco based, fruity and garnished with apple. It was nice, but for me I like my Prosecco straight up!


Since discovering that I like wine, I take advantage of every opportunity! Steak and wine for £15? DON’T MIND IF I DO. As much as I love cocktails or a refreshing Diet Coke…wine is my new love.

Despite being part of a deal which costs per person less than a full bottle of wine normally in restaurants, this was a really nice wine! Crisp and refreshing. I have recently managed to enjoy a red wine – but only one. My aim is to get into red wine so I can do as the Romans do and have a glass of red with my steak!

So, the steak…! Given the amazing price, the quality of the steak isn’t compromised. I was SO impressed by the quality of the meat for the price. The deal is called Burger vs Steak, so you can opt for a burger (which I have heard are fantastic). The deal treats you to a bucket of crisp fries and a rump steak topped with garlic butter, cooked to order, or a burger on a brioche bun. I ordered a béarnaise sauce with mine (I had to) instead of the garlic butter.


Look at the beautiful pink! I have eaten here and had this deal a few times, and only once has my steak been over cooked (and even then it was delicious). When I eat here I expect their usual, absolutely gorgeous steak which is just so juicy and full of rich flavour. The meat is so tender and easy to eat – with the hearty flame grilled taste, I eat it way faster than is polite and proper! The winning factor for me in terms of the quality is the lack of fat. Fatty meat completely puts me off (I’m so fussy about it!) and I clear my plate every single time I visit here!

But a steak needs sides! Always!


I’m a huge fan of most of the sides offered by the Butchershop so as a group we picked one each and then shared – sharing is caring! The onion rings here are absolutely to die for! They’re crispy on the outside, so soft on the inside and have the creamiest taste. We ordered the sautéed garlic mushrooms and green beans, and you can’t see it but we got the Parmesan & rocket salad too.

My dream team of sides: onion rings, glazed carrots, sautéed garlic mushrooms and creamed spinach. Oh, and I always order béarnaise sauce. Mac ‘n’ cheese should be on the team but it just isn’t cheesy enough – that’s the one flaw in the Butchershop!


I can’t recommend this restaurant and deal enough – it’s an amazing deal with outstanding value for money. Due to this, the restaurant gets very busy so I definitely recommend booking a table in advance! Pair up with someone who shares similar wine taste to you and get stuck in! You won’t regret it! Click here to see my review of their a la carte menu and fillet steak (AKA the love of my life)!


The Butchershop Bar & Grill

1055 Sauchiehall Stree


G3 7UD

(0141) 3392999




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