Cubatas Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Glasgow

One of the things I love most about blogging, and blogging in Glasgow in particular, is the sense of community. Pretty much all of my blogging friendships started on Twitter and the rest through meeting people at PR or Yelp events. Due to this, I have been exposed to loads of new places that these wonderful people have recommended to me.

Cubatas is off the beaten track and is a fantastic little hidden gem. Glasgow Food Geek very kindly took me here for some tapas after weeks of teasing me with pictures and recommendations!

I arrived slightly early and immediately panicked that I’d repeated my hilariously public mistake of turning up two freakin’ hours early for the Meat the Pig dinner at LUAC!


I decided to settle down in the lovely restaurant with a glass of wine and then frantically DM Pammi to confirm the time. I was in fact there at the correct time and she and Mr Food Geek arrived to join me. The restaurant has a forest/woodland/natural look to it – high ceilings, stone and varnished wood and nice green walls. I was sitting next to the huge window that made the restaurant really bright. They’ll be opening a beer garden soon which I think will be amazing as it’s in such a quiet spot!

So, onto the tapas! You know I love me some tapas! The one thing I will say before I start: sweep away the thoughts of tapas you’ve tried elsewhere. The tapas here is traditionally inspired, so despite the names of dishes being familiar, they’ve put their own stamp on them!


Patatas Gratinadas

When I’ve ordered this dish before it has been a Spanish twist on dauphinois potatoes in the sense that the sliced potatoes are baked in a ramekin with garlic and cream. These potatoes are cooked in white sauce, topped with cheese and herbs and then baked. This is a basic recipe of the owner’s mother and it’s a really good one! My initial reaction was disappointment as I was expecting a bowl of creamy potatoes, but my finishing reaction was surprise – they were fabulous!


Champiñones al Ajillo

I can’t get enough mushrooms in my life. I just need to see the words ‘garlic’ and ‘mushrooms’ and I am sold! The pan fried mushrooms with garlic and herbs of Provence were served in a cute little pan and were exactly what they said on the tin!


Albóndigas con Tomate

Mediterranean home-made meatballs served with tomato sauce which I asked to have served spicy. These were absolutely amazing – by far my favourite part of the meal. They paired with the Patatas Gratinadas like a dream! The meatballs were just so delicious; fresh, well seasoned and well cooked meat. The sauce was very thick and there wasn’t much of it which I really liked – I didn’t want to fish for my meatballs, I wanted to cut them up and eat…and I did!


Patatas Bravas

I am the person who says “Nah, I don’t like Patatas Bravas!” and everyone gives me the confused/horrified/’what’s-your-problem’ faces. I’m not a big fan of tomatoey sauces, and the idea of eating what is essentially cubed potatoes topped with a can of chopped tomatoes really does nothing for me!

Luckily, that’s absolutely NOT what Patatas Bravas is here! Here, in this wonderful place, we have spicy paprika coated potatoes (like mini roast potatoes) served with home made all-i-oli and salsa brava. The Patatas Bravas they serve are as they are made in Valencia with the sauces on the sides. They were addictively good! So crispy with a smoky hum of heat and then sauces to dip or not dip as you see fit! Amazing.


Gambas Pil Pil

Again, I ordered something I can’t really go into detail about as they are exactly what they say they are: garlic and chilli oil cooked King Prawns with Spanish herbs. Yum yum yum.



As a regular here, Glasgow Food Geek swung us a sharing platter so that I could taste a few traditional desserts! These included tiramisu, a slice of flan, cinnamon cake, rice pudding & Spanish fritters. They were all lovely, but the rice pudding was my favourite with its soft citrus taste. It was so mild! A lovely, light dessert to end a proper Spanish meal!

Cubatas is a bit out of the way – much like Two Fat Ladies – in terms of the city centre as it’s on the other side of the M8. If you’re in the west end or Charing Cross then it’s really easy to get to and I got parked easily on the street outside. I will definitely be back as I thoroughly enjoyed their food and I would urge you to give them a try and see the difference between their food and the chains! If you don’t like Patatas Bravas usually then please try them here – you will not be disappointed!


Cubatas Tapas Bar

108 Elderslie Street


G3 7AR

(0141) 2432227



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