The Drake, Glasgow

I mentioned in my August edition of Insta-Herby that I met up with my fellow Cosmopolitan Blog Awards nominee, Glasgow Food Geek, for a spot of dinner and a bottle* of wine to toast to our success….but mainly to drink the wine. Pammi chose The Drake as she’s a regular there and I still hadn’t been for a try!


*approximate measurement. Because we don’t count.



Uig Lodge Smoked Salmon Risotto Balls

As a salmon fiend I decided to go for the risotto balls, or as I know them, arancini. They were served with wilted spinach doused in hot parsley butter. I really, really enjoyed these! Some might complain about the amount of butter as the risotto was buttery in taste and there was butter on the serving plate, but I really enjoyed it. Without a sauce or dip, arancini can be a bit dry, but these were nice and moist and had plenty smoked salmon in them for taste!



Haggis Pakora

You really can’t steer wrongly with haggis in my book! I don’t think I’ve tasted a haggis dish anywhere that I didn’t like! Crispy, tempura like battered haggis with a nice garlicky mayonnaise dip.




Goan Style Seafood Curry

During the past few months I have become somewhat obsessed with seafood curry. My need for a new and decent blogging camera (ie. one which can take good photos in dim light without the use of a flash) has meant that I don’t have photos of most of the ones I’ve tried. I’ve tried The Left Bank, The Richmond and also Stravaigin’s seafood curry as well as making my own. The Drake’s is gorgeous and different to the others due to it’s richer flavour and the use of salmon. It was much spicier than all of the others which I liked and the ingredients were so fresh.


Chilli con Carne

The chilli was served pretty much exactly like the curry and was a gorgeously thick pot o’ love. You know that way when you look at a chilli and you can see how good it tastes? This is one of them. A good sauce filled with meat and beans and richly flavoured.



Honey & Pecan Cheesecake

Oh dear lord. I can be funny about honey, let me tell you. It’s not that I don’t like it, but sometimes the smell can put me off and I just don’t enjoy it all that much. The first time I sniffed honey it made me think of when a smelly person eats a tangerine (sorry). That smell. However, with time I am slowly becoming more tolerant. Pammi and I shared this because I really wasn’t sure about it and I didn’t see anything else on the menu.

It was to die for. I never thought I’d like it never mind LOVE it. It was creamy, sweet and mildly nutty. I could’ve eaten the whole thing to myself. Twice.

The Drake bar is different to how I imagined it – it’s a dark, stoney building with the bar almost underground. It’s very casual and almost hipster but you can enjoy really nice food in the casual setting. Their prices are really reasonable, and if you’re there on a weekend then the music kicks in and you can enjoy your second bottle of wine with the updated atmosphere!


The Drake

1 Lynedoch street


G3 6EF

0141 3327363




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