Section 33 Restaurant pop-up: Govanhill Swimming Baths

A while back I was sent a series of frantic messages from The Glasgow Good Geek about a guerrilla dining experience that would be arriving to Glasgow’s South side and that I should come. I paid my £5 for my ticket with absolutely no idea what I’d bought a ticket for. What can I say, I trust my food bloggers!

The name of this experience is Section 33, and it was announced eventually that we’d be dining in the disused Govanhill Baths. I joined Pammi, Michelle and Briony and their partners for a tapas style feast in this unique setting.


The pool, luckily, wasn’t full of water. Well, when the word guerrilla is thrown in, who the hell knows what you’re in for?! The area was carpeted and the ceiling draped, mood lights in pinks and blues shone and we sat at our tables and listened to the DJ as well as some amazing musicians. There is a video on my Instagram of a singing trio that I loved, and there was also a guy on guitar who was amazing.




The food items were all priced around £5-7ish, which I’ll be honest and say I found to be a little bit expensive for the portion sizes. For a diet coke, 3 savoury and one sweet dish I paid £26 on top of my £5 ticket (and a 10% service charge), so it wasn’t particularly cheap!


Burrata, Clyde Valley Tomatoes & Vincotto

This was my favourite! Despite the fact that it’s October and we were sitting in a drafty old building, this summer dish was music to my mouth! The creamy cheese was beautiful, especially with the assortment of Clyde Valley tomatoes – I do enjoy multicoloured tomatoes, and I like these are local to me! The vincotto was sweet but dark and was stunning with the sweet tomatoes and creamy cheese. Beautiful simplicity.


Vietnamese Fish Tacos with Orange Sambal

I loved these, but the only problem was that they cooled down far too quickly or were cold to start with. Despite the temperature, I cleared the lot. The chunky white fish was topped with sambal, which is very similar to hot sauce, as well as what tasted like a mint yoghurt and roasted tomatoes. It was a very simple set of ingredients but they complemented each other beautifully.


Crispy Cassava with Goan Masala

This was horrid. I didn’t realise that cassava was a vegetable in itself, I was expecting a kind of vegetable pakora. Cassava is like a dry parsnip, and it had a lovely spicy coating. The flavour was there, I just really didn’t like it! Pammi gave me a bite of her venison empanadas which more than made up for it, they were to die for!


Peanut Butter Cookies it’s Nutella Cream

I was most excited for this dish, and the cookies didn’t disappoint me. The “cream” was horrible. It tasted purely of cocoa powder mixed into Philadelphia. Would it have killed them to beat some Nutella into double cream? I left all of the cream, but the cookies with the chocolate sauce were amazing!


We cleared our plates and chatted for a little while whilst enjoying the music before settling our bill. It was one of those experiences that I really enjoyed because of how rare and unique it was. Also, my appreciation for burrata, tomatoes and balsamic is undying, so it was always going to please me! I didn’t love everything, but then tapas is good for that – experimenting with new things! It was a bit too expensive for what it was, but when it’s a unique event like that I can make an exception!


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