A taste of Denmark!

My next couple of posts will seem slightly out-of-place, as the will be part of my ‘travelling’ series to cover all the food and fun that took place during my summer jaunt to Scandinavia. My friends and I visited Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki and I’m going to write a full post about the adventure, but I thought I’d cover all the food haunts first!

When we had our nice meal in Copenhagen, we went to the gorgeous Nyhavn harbour area. As the pavement is covered with a myriad of cafes and restaurants, I have no idea what the restaurant was called! Due to being on the go constantly and not being in the city for a huge length of time, this post isn’t intended as an in-depth cultural food review, more a glance at what I tried when I was there!


I looooove pastry. I genuinely have had times during my life where I’ve wondered if I need pastry rehab. I do enjoy a good Danish, so as the old phrase goes “When in Rome…” – I did what the Danish do! Pastry galore!



Just around the corner from our hostel was a little bagel shop. I can say that without a doubt this was the single most delicious bagel I have ever eaten! The drawback was that the girl in the shop served us (the only customers) at a glacial pace and had a face that resembled a smacked bum! I’d take her grumpiness any day for this bagel! I ordered myself a green smoothie with it – I’ve gotta make up for the rest of what I eat, don’t I?


Nøddebrud. Caramelised assorted nut brittle. It’s amazing. AMAZING. Chewy, crunchy, nutty, salty, sweet….I couldn’t get enough! I wish I had bought more to bring home.


Apparently this cider is available in the UK according to one of my Instagram followers, which fills me with joy. What doesn’t fill me with joy is that I can’t find it anywhere! I tried a few of their flavours and pomegranate was definitely my favourite. You’d expect it to be really bold and tangy but it was such a soft flavour. An ice-cold one whilst sitting in the tour bus, that’s what you want!

Tour bus essentials!

We took the tour boat along the water and into the beautiful Nyhavn area. I absolutely love this area – I could have easily spent entire week just mooching about this area. We found a restaurant with space and a good-looking menu and decided to sample the local grub!

This dish is called the ‘Nyhavn Five Delicacies Platter’ and it was perfect for me as I wanted to taste a variety of things within a short timeframe. We had another main meal in Copenhagen within Tivoli gardens but it wasn’t blog worthy so I’m glad that I can show this one!

Roast beef with Danish remoulade

The Danish remoulade has a mild, sweet-sour taste with hints of citrus and mustard. The beef was absolutely delicious – cooked, sliced beef isn’t something I usually enjoy because it dries out very quickly. This was medium cooked and was really nice and moist.

Danish cheese served with Bornholm rye crackers


Bread & butter

Smoked honey marinated salmon

This was gorgeous. I think Scandinavian countries are probably second to us in Scotland for the quality of the salmon. It was lovely and fresh and I loved that I could really taste the marinade.

Salt fried herring with beetroot, mustard and soft onions

I have to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy this. It wasn’t terrible, but just a bit tart for my taste!

Chicken salad with bacon

This was essentially a mayonnaise based sandwich filler kind of mixture, but it was absolutely delicious.

IMG_0426.JPG Meatballs

I absolutely LOVE meatballs, and these didn’t disappoint. We were all looking forward to visiting Sweden to try meatballs, but couldn’t resist them a few days early in Copenhagen. They were perfect with this home-made chunky and creamy potato salad.

We didn’t get to properly delve into the foodie culture of Copenhagen as we were pretty busy with exploring and then moving on to the next country, but I’m glad I got to sample a few bits and bobs whilst I was there. Copenhagen is an amazing city and I want to go back and explore it further! They can keep their salted fish though, I wont be back for that!

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