Stranbryggan Sea Club Restaurant, Stockholm

I’m going to start by saying that this was one of the loveliest meals and evenings I had during the entire summer holiday. My friends and I have arrived in Stockholm earlier that day and made an attempt to do some exploring. We were tired, the open museum we visited really wasn’t too brilliant…and our hearts really weren’t in tourist-mode. We decided to look for food. We were walking across the bridge to head back into the city and we were just admiring the view when we spotted this classy looking river-side restaurant and decided to take a look.

It was the snazzy speedboat that initially caught our attention. Then the sun lounger deck. And then the menu. We had decided unanimously that this was going to be our home for the evening!


We took one look at the wine bar and knew that we’d made the correct decision. We wanted wine. ALL THE WINE.

The restaurant and wine bar has lounge areas for people to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and bar snacks, as well as the seating in the restaurant. It’s such a gorgeous place but especially so due to the lovely sunny weather.

We were shown to our table and started off with our bread, crackers and a cool, creamy dip. Plenty fibre in that bread, let me tell you. Seeds a’plenty. The menu is fairly limited as the restaurant isn’t particularly big, but everything sounded really delicious and there was a good variety of options.

Who wouldn’t want this view while eating their meal?

A bottle of the house rose wine please!



Moules Marinières

You know me, I love my mussels. It would have been rude not to! Gorgeously plump mussels in a garlic and wine cream sauce. The sauce was perfect for mopping up with the bread which was served with it. Heaven. You can’t beat some nice white bread to soak up the creamy marinières sauce!



My friend ordered the salmon which was served with a cream sauce and served with mixed vegetables. It was a straightforward dish but it was delicious. The mixture of vegetables was interesting – carrot, radish and yellow string beans. I can’t get too excited about this dish, but it was very tasty.


Sesame Tuna & Mango Salad with Chilli & Coriander Salsa

This. Was. DELICIOUS. I can be a little bit funny with raw or rare fish, as regular readers will know when I#ve blogged about sushi and the likes, but this I was comfortable with. The fresh leaves were tossed with cashew nuts, chunks of ripe mango and the seared tuna was placed on top. The toasted sesame crust on the tuna gave a harsh, nutty flavour and texture. It was a guilt free and delicious salad.


Prawn Caesar Salad

This salad, however, was riddled with delicious calorie-filled guilt. It contained all the cream and Parmesan. And it was GOOD.


Blueberry & Almond Cheesecake

Oh this is a delicious cheesecake – definitely ‘up there’ in my top cheesecakes of my life. I didn’t want a dessert and it was my friend who ordered it…I literally sat and lusted for it across the table. I had only one (or three) spoonfuls, but they were the best spoonfuls of my day. It was so creamy and luxurious with hints of the fruit and nut. Just the perfect ending to the meal!

IMG_0342.JPG strawberries & cream

What it says on the tin!

From the entire ‘Euro Trip’, this was my favourite restaurant and I would advice anyone who is visiting Stockholm to dine here. The restaurant is beautiful and comfortable with perfect views of the river and surrounding area. The staff couldn’t have been more friendly and the food I have already explained – delicious!


Stranbryggan Sea Club
Strandvägskajen 27
114 56 Stockholm

+46 8 660 37 14


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