Kitch Eat & Drink, Helsinki

I love tapas! That is one thing I can say without reservation. Finding a tapas bar round the corner (and I mean a literal 60 second walk from our apartment) was a delightful moment!

We took a seat outside as it was a beautifully warm summer evening and the streets around us were quiet and pretty. Across the cobbled road from Kitch is The Torni Hotel which is a gorgeous place with a tower-top terrace cocktail bar.  You’ll read a bit more about in my Helsinki blog post which will be coming soon!

I couldn’t agree more.

Kitch is a casual cafe/restaurant with a really nice and fun atmosphere, paired with a funky retro decor – think of sthe style you’d fine in Ikea. It was perfect for a casual meal and we found it casual and relaxed enough to have a bite to eat and a chat.

The tapas plateful!

We all ordered a mixture of tapas and then shared them between us. The food was Spanish themed and it was tapas, but funnily enough when we were eating it, it didn’t feel particularly Spanish. That’s not an indication of quality though – the food was delicious.


This is a dish I see a lot in tapas restaurants but I generally avoid them as they can be hit or miss.  The egg:potato ratio is often completely off, but this one was perfect. The potatoes were sliced nice and finely and layered into the mixture which was flavoured with onions, herbs and cheese.

Patatas Bravas

To me these were just paprika coated potato wedges rather than Bravas. They were mildly spicy, crispy and tasty enough, however because they were such huge wedges they weren’t really to my taste. The bigger a potato wedge is, the less crispy flavoured coating there is in comparison to the fluffy potato inside so they can taste a bit plain. I’m aware that I seem to have a crazy potato ratio issue. The struggle is real.

Chorizo Sausages

These were so delicious, but very difficult to eat! The skin was quite tough so we couldn’t slice the sausages properly so we had to scoop out the sausage meat or press it out like a toothpaste tube! The filling tasted of chorizo rather than being filled with it so we had the really juicy and meaty texture of regular sausages with the Spanish smoky flavour. The coleslaw was clearly home made and was so creamy. Absolutely delicious!

Herb Bread & Tzatziki


These were the best part for me – I absolutely love meatballs but these were something special. They had chilli through them which gave a great kick to the meat, but I think it was the texture that I loved most. They were almost crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. They paired amazingly well with the coleslaw and the Tortilla – I absolutely loved them!

If you’re in Helsinki and looking for a casual lunch spot, I would totally recomment Da Vinci and Kitch, but particularly Kitch if you’re looking for somewhere fun, casual and laid back. The food was perfect and very reasonably priced!


Kitch Eat & Drink

Yrjönkatu 30



(09) 666001


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