Glasgow West End Food Crawl #2

You might remember that I posted about a the Glasgow West End Food Crawl – an ingenious idea hatched by The Glasgow Food Geek which is exactly like a pub crawl, except we eat rather than drink. Well, we drink a little. We were back in the west end and this time we visited The Gannet, Lebowski’s and then finished off in The Sisters. It was, as it was last time, wonderful so thanks to Pammi for organising it!

 Treacle Cured Salmon with Pickled Vegetables

No offence to the chef, but I regretted ordering this immediately. I read the words ‘treacle’ and ‘salmon’ and instantly wanted to order, forgetting that I don’t like cured/raw salmon. The flavour was probably lost on me as I wolfed it down so quickly. Sorry chef.

Lamb Sweetbreads with Potato & Caramelised Onions

I was too scared to try this because although I am open-minded with food and will try almost anything, offal is something that creeps me out pretty easily. I am getting better at compartmentalising my unease as time goes on though! My friend let me try some of his and I was really pleasantly surprised! Like most new meats, I uttered the phrase “Tastes like chicken” to allow everyone to know it was a nice taste! The texture is so smooth, tender and moist – a really nice squishy way, and the flavor is quite mild and creamy…kinda like chicken soup but it’s a meat. It doesn’t taste like offal usually does – the iron rich flavour isn’t present. I’d definitely recommend it.

Wood Pigeon with Beetroot

I tried wood pigeon before at The Three Chimney’s in Skye and I really enjoyed it, despite the restaurant serving it rare as standard without giving us the option to have it cooked more.  This was served perfectly medium rare which was absolutely to my taste and I enjoyed it SO much. The beetroot was a perfect accompaniment. Top notch!

I have definitely been convinced to go back and try their full menu. I’ll save it for a special occasion though – it’s a gorgeous restaurant.


The Gannet
1155 Argyle Street
G3 8TB

0141 2042081


Gannet on Urbanspoon


We then moved on to our next venue which was completely different to The Gannet – the cool and casual Lebowski’s. It was time to cast off our classy dining mantra and get some cocktails, hot dogs and burgers! Delightful!

The Police Chief

We looked at their extensive White Russian menu and ordered variations to suit our personalities. As you do. As the ultimate coconut fan (I’m referred to as Malibu Girl or Malibu Stacey by my friends) I decided to go for the coconut version of a White Russian. It was delicious. So, so tasty. Made with Koko Kanu coconut rum, Kahlua coffee liqueur and milk.


I had to laugh Pammi ordered her cocktail without realising it was a shot, not a cocktail.

Our food arrived shortly after and we’d been prepared some slider samples of their dishes. They gave us an absolutely ton of food! It was glorious!

Cheese fries

Just look at the cheese.

Onion rings & fries


These were just so delicious. I haven’t ordered a burger here myself but I have been with people who have and they totally rate them. The sliders were delicious.

Chilli cheese dogs

This is where I get enthusiastic!


The buns contain proper Beechwood smoked beef sausage – none of those horrid canned hot dogs!  The sausage is topped with homemade chilli con carne and Lockerbie cheddar which is just to damn tasty for words. It’s spicy and heavy going but oh my is it good! A must try!


1008 Argyle Street
G3 8LX

0141 564 7988

Lebowskis on Urbanspoon


We wiped the melted cheese and burger grease from our chins and decided to get classy again and walked round to The Sisters for dessert. Such a gorgeous restaurant! We sat in my favourite part, the alcove table which has a beautiful mural painted on the three walls.


 Puff Candy Meringue with Honeycomb Ice Cream & Hot Butterscotch Sauce

This was exactly what it says on the tin and tasted exactly how it looked. Sweet, crunchy, crumbly diabetic goodness. The Sisters is another restaurant that is on my hit list. So many places to go, so little time!


The Sisters
36 Kelvingrove Street
G3 7RZ

0141 5641157

The Sisters on Urbanspoon


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