The fun continues in Copenhagen!

This is my last Copenhagen post, showing off some more of the fun we had in this gorgeous city! The sun was beaming down so we decided to take the open-top bus tour as we’d already seen the city by sea.

I like sunny days.

Mostly because they involve fruit cider.

These were my top finds in Copenhagen! I absolutely love Nøddebrud – sweet and salty caramelised mixed nuts. Beautiful stuff! And the delicious cider I mentioned in my last post – it was available in fridges in the corner shops. They also had novelty bottle openers hanging next to the fridges…I was basically baited by Copenhagen to drink cider all day. Baited, I tell you.
This is the stunning Church of Our Saviour with its gorgeous golden staircase around the spire. We passed the church a few times but it wasn’t until the bus tour that I realised the gold was a staircase and we saw people walking up it. If we’d had time I would have loved to climb it! Here we have the coolest road ever. If I had diplomatic immunity I would steal a police car and erratically drive it and rally it over that as it was drawing upwards. Instead, I sipped cider on my city tour bus, admiring the road bridge quietly and safely.
We ended back in the centre for a wander and ended back on the tour boat. We just love dem boats!

 Copenhagen’s answer to Jack and Rose.  It’s pretty tight under these low bridges. It’s funny how everyone always has the same compulsion: touch  the underside of the bridge.

 We cruised past the opera house which seems like a noteworthy point. Sydney is probably beating you Copenhagen. At night we visited the glorious Tivoli Gardens. The only way I can describe it is that it’s like a non-edible Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. Instead of cool sweets everywhere they have cool lights, statues and props. It’s just such a pretty and happy place. The park is gorgeous and has eateries and fairground rides dotted all over – it’s just lovely!
My friends took a ride on the roller coaster and I made it my mission to capture a photo of them waving. I can’t stress how difficult this was and how delighted I am that I succeeded!

2nd row from the front at the far side. My pals, everyone. I appreciate that these are the worst photos ever of the laser fountain show, but they’re from a video I took which is better than nothing!  This was my favourite part of the night. It was like a live-action Fantasia…sadly without dancing ostriches.

  We ended the night in the Scottish pub  near Tivoli and were met with a great welcome, being the only Scottish people there! Free shots for being Scottish? I’m totally cool with that. This lovely Irish singer sang Caledonia and 1000 Miles for us. Hero. 

We ended our night at a semi-respectable hour and turned in for the night, ready to meet our next city: sunny Stockholm. 

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