The final night in Helsinki!

Helsinki was absolutely amazing. It’s a city that lends itself beautifully to both summer and winter – I visited during summer and was astounded by how warm it was. My friend has just returned from a winter break there – you should definitely see her blog post about it! I am now dying to go back!

We toured the city, took the boat to the islands and ate all the food – we decided to finish up the holiday with a nice meal followed by cocktails in the rooftop terrace of the Torni Hotel which our apartment looked onto.


We went to Kosmos restaurant for our meal you can real my full blog post here. Here are the meal highlights:


It was an amazing meal. We sat outside on the cobbled street and enjoyed the residual warmth of the day, followed by an epic rainstorm which we watched from under the canopy whilst eating our meal. It was spectacular! I’m SO glad the weather got that out of its system prior to our rooftop experience!


Happy me.


We took the elevator to the top floor, and then took the spiral stairs up to the terrace where we enjoyed spectacular 360° views of the city

The white building at the front is our apartment!






My goal for 2015 is to save up and buy a really good camera. My iPhone really doesn’t do the stunning Helsinki city view ANY justice!

We had a good look over the city and then went to get some cocktails. Funnily, when they made my cocktail they said I was lucky because it would be beautifully made as they needed to take a photograph to put in the press – the barman then learned that I was a blogger and said the pressure was on!

He did a grand job of my Raspberry Mojito!


So I finished my stay in Helsinki in a rooftop cocktail bar. Well, actually I finished it in the apartment singing Frozen songs at the top of my lungs after a few cocktails, a jaunt to a local nightclub where we befriended Canadians and then a Malibu whilst packing for the flight I was catching in 3 hours. But that takes away from the classy city break ending, doesn’t it?

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