Street Art on Spuistraat, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is my favourite European city that I’ve visited so far, and I’ve now been three times. Most people’s response to visiting Amsterdam is “Oh aye, Amsterdam! Visiting your pal Mary Joanna aye?” And whilst I understand the association between Amsterdam, drugs and prostitution, it actually bugs me that people’s first/lasting impression is of the seedier side. There is SO much more to the city. I’m going to write a post showing my time there, but I wanted to start with the street art I found because I loved it so much.


My friends went to the Anne Frank museum which I’ve already visited. It’s an amazing place to see – very humbling – but the queue to get in is massive and I don’t think you’d get the same emotional experience twice when you visit. I went a wander myself for a few hours to see what I could find. I didn’t expect to find such cool and entertaining art!



I found a section of the street called Spuistraat, which is 5 minutes from the centre of the city. The area has been taken over by graffiti artists. Buildings, pavements, furniture – everything – is covered with art and there were guys busy at work while I was there.


The art itself was seriously varied. For example, these pieces were part of an area where the work and people were deeply political and downright brutal with it.


Other pieces were just random odds and ends of art. It was great fun just slowly pacing along with my cup of coffee and looking to find hidden gems within hidden gems.


The area itself looked almost derelict – no businesses seemed to be operating apart from the occasional cafe/hostel. Some of the building basements had been converted into art galleries which were free for you to go in and browse and buy some art. I really love art – the swirlier the paint the better for me. Luckily none of it was to my taste in terms of what I’d want on my walls – I’ve been upset abroad before as I’ve wanted to buy paintings that I can’t afford/fit in my case. I really liked to look at the artists’ work.


I liked this. If this is the case then I’m making my loop a fun one!



These were a few streets over – I just found these window decals really funny and quirky!

I was really pleased with my finds! I’m glad I got my art fix because my favourite artist, Vincent Van Gogh, his museum was closed but the time we got to it the following day. I’d been before but you can never look at art too many times! I’ll update you on all I got up to elsewhere in Amsterdam in the next post!

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