Jamie’s Italian, Glasgow

I recently visited Jamie’s Italian for a meal but I was dubious about whether or not I’d enjoy it. Most people seem to be similar to me in terms of confidence: there are very mixed reviews. I went in with fairly low expectations and decided to see what the problem was. I was pleasantly surprised.

Jamie’s Italian is located in the grand old General Post Office building (to my dad’s delight as an ex-postie) which is on George Square. The restaurant has a mixture of styles – Italian deli, with a counter and items hanging from the ceiling; hipster bar, with beer crates, a bottle-filled bar, leather booths and jazzy lights; and then a casual cafeteria with bold red chairs. The restaurant has a good atmosphere and isn’t too loud or quiet.

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

This was absolutely delicious. My only complaint was the temperature as the sauce was tepid – this is to avoid melting the Ricotta, but for me personally I need my food hot. Temperature aside, the flavours were gorgeous and this was largely due to the lemon zest on top of the dish. Every mushroom dish I’ve eaten tends to have a strong focus on the earthy mushroom flavours which are complemented with garlic and cream or butter. Lemon is unusual but jeezo, it works perfectly! I would definitely order this again.

Famous Prawn Linguine

Small pasta dishes as a starter is a great way to sample more of the main menu without committing to a full portion – my dad ordered this and I was instantly reminded of a prawn dish I tried in a family-run Italian recently. This dish of fried garlicky prawns, fennel, tomatoes, chilli & topped with peppery rocket was essentially the same except served with pasta. It was absolutely delicious – I think I’d order this as my main course next time, although the pasta I had for my main course was absolutely amazing.

 Jamie’s Italian Burger

This burger falls short of the competition in Glasgow, but it’s not a bad burger. The patty is a sizeable, juicy, prime British beef one which is so full of smokey flavour from the grill. It’s topped with mortadella, balsamic onions, tomato, melted smoked mozzarella, pickles & chillies. The mortadella was a new one for me – I mistook it for bacon initially as it’s a cured Italian meat. The burger was really tasty, but the bun literally fell to pieces within a few bites. It looked the part, but unfortunately was a royal mess to eat.

Jamie’s Sausage Pappardelle

This was my main course which was absolutely divine – it was difficult to flatter when taking a photograph but the taste makes up for its appearance! A ragù of slow-cooked free-range pork sausages with fennel and caraway seeds, mixed with tomato and Torrione Chianti. This decadent sauce was topped with Parmesan & herb breadcrumbs. The pappardelle was different to others I’ve tried as it had a perforated edge which I felt gave it more bite when eating it as the edges were thicker. Again, I felt that the dish could’ve been served a bit warmer but it certainly was warm and totally enjoyable. It was very rich and comforting and the mixture of textures between the pasta and the breadcrumbs just made it a truly gorgeous dish.

Amalfi Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

I took a taste (or three) of this mascarpone and lemon cheesecake topped with soft meringue. The cheesecake wasn’t particularly lemony in my opinion, but it was gorgeously creamy. It was served with lemon curd which gave it the lemon kick I need and some soft, tart blackcurrants to cut through the creaminess of the cheesecake.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Arctic Roll

I was so happy with myself for choosing this. It was like eating a decadent Nutella choc-ice. The rich chocolate sponge enveloped chocolate & espresso semifreddo. The vanilla ice cream offset the rich sponge and the chocolatey/nutty other half of the duo. The sweet, gooey butterscotch just finished it off nicely.

We finished our meal with some nice coffee, settled our reasonable bill and headed off home to sleep off the aching from fullness! I think a lot of reviews are based on them first opening, so based on those I expected to go in to a disorganised restaurant. I expected basic chain restaurant calibre food and I expected to grudge the prices that they charge – because their prices aren’t on the cheap end of the spectrum for Italian food. I found it to be good value for money, they have some really tasty dishes and Jamie’s Italian is a restaurant that I would recommend people try!


Jamie’s Italian, Glasgow
7 George Square
G2 1DY

014 1404 2690



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