Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn, Glasgow

The good weather is creeping in and when it gets like this all I want to do is drive with the windows down and the music up, or alternatively, bask in the sunshine with a nice cold drink.

(Admittedly, I’m laughing because it’s now snowing and I’m chatting about summer…Scottish weather loves to stick to its stereotype!)

After work on Thursday, I did just that – I got my sandals, sunglasses & flowery top on and went for a cocktaill in the sunshine! The Tiki Bar & Kitch Inn can be found on Bath Street – it’s a little place I have loved for years. I usually treat it purely as a cocktail bar, but I’d heard good things about their food. The good things I heard were accurate!

While we waited we were served a dish of deliciously crispy prawn crackers with a sweet and sour sauce. They were seriously moreish and I enjoyed them with my main course as well – they’re proper prawn crackers that can hold their own and don’t go soggy instantly. Perfect for scoopin’.

Chicken Satay Ayam

This was a beautiful rendition of the standard skewers of grilled chicken in a beautiful peanut sauce. Some satay sauces can seem a little processed but you could tell by looking at it that this was freshly made and the flavours were incredible.

The satay was served with chilli oil which was so tasty – I’ve never seen satay served with anything other than the satay sauce so this was a welcome change.

Salt ‘n’ Pepper Squid

These. Were. GLORIOUS.

The lightly battered strips of squid were so tasty – the batter was similar to a delicate beer batter so they were nice and soft with a touch of crispness. What I liked in particular was the peppery taste – they were just perfectly seasoned. Usually it would be salt and chilli rather than salt and pepper, and it’s usually a hint of chilli with salt prevailing. These had a balance of each and it was just gorgeous. The green mayonnaise is something I’ll need to eat again; it was so mild and delicious but there were a few flavours and I couldn’t quite decipher what they were! I will definitely order this when I go back!

Pla Tod Yum

This is a new dish for me! Pla Tod Yum includes a crispy fillet of coley dressed with fresh mango and cashew nuts in roasted chilli, lime and lemongrass sauce and served with sticky jasmine rice. It was very spicy but not painfully so and it didn’t detract from the flavours. It did however make me cry.

Thai Yellow Curry with Coley

I love a Thai curry – to be honest, a coconut based curry with fish in it is my idea of perfection. The yellow curry is flavoured with turmeric and red chillies which gave it a good spice hit (I was crying…again) and had generous chunks of coley throughout it. Despite the heat, it was really comforting in terms of its flavour. I just loved it!

Coconut & Mango Panna Cotta

Tiki serve tapas style desserts – they’re small and cheap so you can order two without feeling guilty. We were feeling full after our other courses so decided to just have the one little panna cotta which was beautifully fruity and fresh!

How cute is the bill?

We then decided to go outside to the beer garden and have a few cocktails. The cocktail menu has a mixture of signature cocktails and traditional ones – each with a cool glass, garnish and quote on the menu.

Piña Colada

I like Piña Coladas. And getting caught in the rain. I’m not into yoga. I have half a brain (or at least I’m sure I do). Tiki blends Brugal Añejo rum, Koko Kanu, fresh pineapple and cream of coconut and serve it in a pineapple glass. I’ll be honest, it was pretty watery and full of ice. Nice and refreshing, but not the best I’ve tasted.

Singapore Sling

This is a delicious twist on the Ngiam Tong Boon original. Tiki mix Martin Miller’s gin, cherry brandy, Bénédictine, bitters, soda, grenadine, fresh pineapple and lime juices. It has a good, strong taste but it’s still lovely and fruity.

A very happy Herby.


Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn
214 Bath St
G2 4HW

0141 3321341




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