Glasgow Food Crawl #3

Yet again the Glasgow foodies went out gallivanting! Pammi organised us another food crawl and this time we visited the Hyndland area of Glasgow, which strangely I have never set foot in before. I’ve only ever passed through, usually by train, so every business there is new to me!


We visited The Hyndland Fox for our starters and despite this one dish being all I’ve tried from their menu, I’m a big fan. The venue itself has a lovely modern log cabin feel to it and it’s so bright and airy inside.  The menu has amazing options and when everyone’s food arrived it all looked delicious. They do nightly specials; I’m particularly keen to try out their Lobster & Prosecco Mondays!

Grilled Goats Cheese, Oven Roasted Tomato & Red Onion Tart with Rustic Pesto Dressing

This was just so delicious. A plain and simple dish, really nothing out of the ordinary but so beautiful presented and such a great mix of flavours. The portion was a little on the small side for my liking, that’s the only negative. You can’t go far wrong with a goats cheese tart!


The Hyndland Fox
43 Clarence Drive
G12 9QN

(0141) 3416633


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Tuscan Meatballs

When it comes it Italian food, I’m usually a dead cert’  for ordering either seafood or a creamy pasta…or both. I took a notion for Tuscan meatballs as soon as I saw them on the menu, and decided to gamble and try it. I can be funny with tomato sauces – often they’re too tart and resemble the stuff from a jar.  The meatballs were coated in a gorgeous but simple tomato and basil sugo and served with penne pasta. The meatballs were absolutely gorgeous and were quite peppery which I really liked.

Aubergine Parmigiana

I don’t know why, but as soon as I saw this as a side order I just really wanted to try it. I am so proud of my choice. As regular readers will know, I like to mix and match and try different things together to create interesting taste and texture combinations….this insanely rich tomato and powerful Parmesan cheese bake is perfect with the Tuscan meatballs. I chopped it up and mixed it into my pasta and nearly died a delightful Italian death. I cannot fault either dish! The service in Nick’s was great too – all the staff called me darlin’ when serving me. Maybe they say that to everyone, maybe I’m a wee darlin’. Who knows, but it was nice.


Nick’s Italian
168 Hyndland Rd
G12 9HZ

(0141) 3576336


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Gingerbread Latte

Carrot Cake

By this point I was full and didn’t want anything else to eat. But we all know that’s not really an option on a food crawl. It’s like getting to the last bar of the Sub Crawl and saying you can’t have the last shot. OF COURSE YE CAN.

So I waddled in to Jelly Hill, took one look at the beast of a carrot cake, clocked the gingerbread syrup on the shelf (the same syrup my aunt uses) and my order was placed. I have no regrets. The cake was so gorgeously moist and my gingerbread latte complemented it perfectly.

Happy lassie.

Thanks Pammi – you’re a star!


Jelly Hill Cafe
195 Hyndland Road
G12 9HT

(0141) 3410125

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