Moose Coffee, Liverpool

It’s Saturday afternoon, and for this post I can only apologise for either:

A. you feeling like what you had for breakfast was less than you deserve;

B. your plans for brunch today are no longer exciting.

My friend and I took ourselves to Liverpool for a couple of days to explore – we’d both heard good things so we decided to give it a shot. Hungry for breakfast, I used my trusty Yelp app and I found that Moose Cafe was a 3 minute walk from our hotel and had glowing 5 star reviews…sold.  When we arrived they had a half hour wait, but I was decided: I was eating there that day.

We were quickly seen to and were sat upstairs on the mezzanine area overlooking the cafe. The cafe has hilarious art work which shows various moose (I had to Google the plural of moose…I’m gutted that meese isn’t it) dressed up. The astronaut was my favourite.

Lone Star Moose

My friend ordered the meat feast breakfast which comprised of minute steak, gourmet chipolata sausages, free range over easy eggs, griddled tomato and some toast. The dish was also served with their homemade Moose potato hash which accompanies most (if not all) of their dishes. The potato hash is fried on the griddle with garlic, onion and dijon mustard.

Burrito State of Mind

I love burritos. I really, really do. When I saw that I could have a brunch burrito I was head over heels in love with the idea and I just knew that it wouldn’t disappoint me. The soft flour tortilla was absolutely jam-packed with refried beans, scrambled eggs, melted cheddar cheese, chorizo, jalapenos, avocado, chopped romaine lettuce and tomato. The beast was served with the Moose potato hash, tomato, pickle, sour cream & salsa. I didn’t even manage to touch the potato hash, and my determination to defeat the burrito nearly ended my life. It was absolutely amazing, and by far the best burrito I’ve ever eaten – and I never thought I’d say that about a burrito that didn’t contain chilli con carne!

If you’re in Liverpool, go here and eat everything. I’d go back to Liverpool for many reasons as it’s a wonderful city, but this place is top of the list!


6 Dale Street
L2 4TQ

0151 2274880

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2 thoughts on “Moose Coffee, Liverpool

  1. Enjoy Liverpool and if you can make it, go to lunya, and ask for Ian Jackson. And enjoy your eve !

    Take care,


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