Where to eat in Rome! 

A not-so wise man once said: ‘Sometimes you gotta look yourself in the mirror and say, “When in Rome.”

I assumed that the Romans eat everything, so that’s what I did. No, I didn’t research this.

This post is hopefully useful for anyone heading to Rome and would like to know where to eat. We were given advice by the Italian girl who owned the apartment that we rented – it was some seriously sound advice! I’ve linked you to either the restaurant website or their Yelp page to help you locate them! Here is your guide on where to feed your face in Rome!

For pizza…

Yum Yum Style

This is a little casual place near the Trevi Fountain. It reminded me of the countless little pizza bars in New York. It wasn’t life changingly amazing pizza, but it was damn tasty and because of the style of the pizza it was portable. We could time effectively munch whilst walking around and exploring!

Pizzeria Montecarlo

This pizza, however, oh yeah. This is a real pizzeria and it’s completely casual and unassuming. It’s located in a alley off a main road near Piazza Navona and the place is filled with locals who eat here. Our Italian apartment landlord raved about their pizzas being the best in Rome and I can now see why – they were absolutely glorious!

For lunch…

La Famiglia

This is the first place I ate in Rome and it’s located near the bus rank from Ciampino Airport, and a 5 minute walk from the main Termini metro stop. We took a seat in their lovely pavement terrace and enjoyed the lovely sunshine.

You have the option of ordering a la carte or feasting on the buffet. We accidentally did both because we were exhausted from travelling and starving…the confusion justifies us basically throwing ourselves at ALL the food.

The buffet is the most beautiful assortment of Italian food goodness. Every antipasti item you can imagine and a whole host of salads, cheeses, meats and fruit.

My main course was a stunning clam linguine. The most glorious pasta I have ever tried with such a light and tasty oil dressing.

My sister had 4 cheese gnocchi which was the exact opposite to mine: extremely heavy. It was absolutely wonderful though, so we shared a bit of each and left suitably stuffed. We got to our apartment and required a nap immediately. I can’t remember the exact price, but I know that for drinks and food – bearing in mind the quality and the sheer quantity we ate, it was no more than €15-20 each. Bargain.

For dinner…

Osteria Della Vite

We wandered around the Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps and this little place caught our eye – partly because of the flame lamps but also the cheery man waving us over and bantering with us. We decided to go in. Inside it’s not fancy, but a a really nice atmosphere. We were served by a couple of waiters and they were all just lovely – I got a strong impression that it’s a family place.

We were given some Prosecco to start. A toast to a wonderful city break!

We shared starters, so the first was their Buffalo mozzarella with proscuitto. I love proscuitto, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, because everything in Rome was better than back home, it was just the most beautifully fresh proscuitto I’ve ever tried. The mozzarella is to die for.

Good old bruschetta. One of my absolute favourites. As a herb enthusiast, it shocks me to say that I prefer it without the oregano sprinkled on.

My sister’s love of Gnocchi knows no bounds. This was really nice, but tomato sauces aren’t really my thing so for this dish to win me over I’d need at least 3 times as much cheese on there. I enjoyed it, but my sister absolutely loved it.

This is the most delicious thing I ate in Rome, without a doubt. The lobster was fresh and beautiful – not as good as Scottish lobster, but close – and the sauce and pasta were just absolutely heavenly. Similar to the pasta in La Famiglia, this pasta was just so delicious and cooked al dente. The taste and texture just can’t be matched by pasta back home. The sauce was light but intensely flavoured with chilli (it wasn’t spicy though, just a nice hum of heat), tomato and garlic.

This meal was in no way expensive given what we had to eat and drink, but I can’t tell you the price. I’d hazard a guess at €30 each, which for what we had, is absolutely nothing!

For gelato…

Gelateria Valentino

So many options…..

Just LOOK AT THAT! Sheer decadence.

I finally managed to pick. I chose Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Coconut. On my other visit I also tried Pistacchio which was gorgeous. This gelato was amazing – we tried others on the other sides of the city out of sheer desperation in the hot weather, and none of them compared. Valentino’s is so creamy but the flavours are really intense whereas other places were slightly weaker and lacked in texture. Just trust me (and my Italian landlord for that weekend) that this is the best place.

We ate like gods whilst in Rome. I am dying to see more of Italy and eat more of their food. Them Italians sure do know their grub!

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