Bite East: Szechuan – Japanese Fusion in Stirling

Stirling isn’t somewhere I have explored at all – neither food nor tourism-wise, so when a fellow blogger invited me to try out a new food haunt in her ‘hood, I couldn’t resist.   When you hear the words ‘Szechuan and Japanese infusion’, you’re curious, aren’t you?

You should be.

Bite East opened in the centre of Stirling in February and offers a wide menu which covers both traditional Chinese Szechuan and Japanese dishes – it’s essentially an authentic Wagamama. The extensive menu did overwhelm me slightly at first, but the staff are able to guide you through it! My problem is usually being scared to deviate from what I know in case I don’t like the new thing I’m trying, but luckily this time I didn’t have to order the food and just went with the flow, so now my problem is that when I go back I won’t know what to order because everything is so ridiculously tasty!


Ready to go, I ordered myself a gorgeous passion fruit bubble tea with yoghurt flavoured boba (the wee balls which are filled with yoghurt flavoured juice, which sounds really weird but it was nice and sweetly tangy).



Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)

No, they’re not testicles. They’re very similar to chicken balls from the Chinese takeaway in the sense that they’re coated in that delightfully crisp batter with the fluffy inside. The balls themselves are chunks of octopus meat but the  batter makes it for me. Nice and crisp and flakey on the outside but moist on the inside; they’re absolutely beautiful, and if you’re worried about the texture of the octopus you need not as the pieces are so small and tender.

I was amused that the prawn crackers are served on a kind-of deck chair.


Nigiri Combo

Salmon & Tuna Nigiri

King Prawn & Tamago Nigiri

This was the first time I have ever tried or even heard of Tamago. It’s an egg, soy and sugar combination with a soft foamy texture. It’s considered a type of Japanese omelette. I didn’t totally dislike it, but it’s not really for me. What I was loving was the raw tuna and salmon  – something in the past I’ve struggled to enjoy. I always felt that the raw fish lacked flavour but this time it wasn’t the case at all. I wasn’t just able to eat it, I actually enjoyed it.


California Roll

Sashimi Combo


Dragon Roll

This is my favourite sushi, with California rolls being a close second. I love the head and tail garnish – such cute presentation!


House King Prawns with Fruit Salad

These were absolutely amazing! AMAZING! They’re coated in crispy shredded potato and served with a spiced salad cream. I wasnt remotely interested in the fruit, even though it gave it a great look.These prawns are top notch and extremely moreish.

Sizzling Seabass

This was the most delicious seabass I think I have ever eaten. It came out sizzling and billowing an intoxicaing aroma. See my Instagram for the video of it….utterly drool inducing! The sauce was a sticky barbecue taste with a good kick of chilli without being nippy. It was the star of the show for me and it’s on the top of my list for ordering when I go back!


Sweet & Sour Chicken

A pineapple treasure chest of deliciousness! If you order sweet and sour chicken you’re not guaranteed this presentation – for a popular dish and the effort that goes into this, you’d probably have to specially request it or hope that they have enough pineapples left! The flavour from the thick and tangy sauce was just mind blowing. It’s probably the most delicious sweet and sour sauce I’ve tasted as the individual flavours of the ingredients were all so intense.


Singapore Fried Rice Noodles with Mixed Meat & Seafood

Stir Fried Fine Beans 

I can’t believe how much I loved these! They look totally unremarkable and boring, but the taste was absolutely amazing! They’re cooked in a beansprout preserve and have a lovely salty, savoury taste whilst being nice and crunchy. A must-try!

Peking Shredded Beef

The table hit critical mass. As did my body.

For lucky Stirling folks, they offer a delivery service AND they’re available on Just Eat. I am so jealous of people who have access to this! Stupid me placing roots in Lanarkshire where no such extravagance is possible! The portions are very generous, so I had a glorious midnight snack bounty to take home with me! I will absolutely be returning to Bite East – everything was fantastic and I would reorder all of it, but that Seabass….oh that Seabass. I’m going back for that…and a few other bits!


Bite East

52 Port Street



(01786) 479799

Bite East Facebook


7 thoughts on “Bite East: Szechuan – Japanese Fusion in Stirling

  1. One of my favourite restaurants and I love that it also delivers. A very nice write up and I will be trying a few things which you ate that I haven’t got around to trying yet.

    It’s worth noting that it reopened in February 2016 and has been open a little over a year now.


    1. I didn’t realise it closed again! I’ve been meaning to go back for more of the sizzling seabass – it was absolutely to die for! I am so jealous of those who can have it delivered!


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