Stravaigin lunches are the best lunches.

Regular readers will know that I’m a huge fan of Stravaigin as I’ve written about them before.  As far as I’m concerned, they serve the most creatively tasty food in Glasgow. Nowhere compares in terms of taking  international influence and creating delicious food with local ingredients. 

I love the decor of the restaurant – the upstairs cafe where we sat has a fairytale/attic look to it with random pieces of memorabilia scattered with fairy lights.   

Every now and then I’ll take this pair of roasters out for some brunch. Look how excited they are! They don’t get out much. 

 The table was set. The food was delivered. The pictures were Instagrammed. Time to eat.

We ordered two starters each and had a picky brunch and tasted each other’s dishes, which is my idea of heaven because I’m so nosey and want to try everything! 

West coast mussels in a Keralan coconut and tamarind sauce  

If you read my original review of Stravaigin you will remember me saying that their Thai spin on mussels was my favourite. I would like to retract that statement, as this curried coconut goodness is now my favourite. I accidentally ordered a full portion rather than a small one, but I have no regrets since tasting it. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful this tasted. I just love mussels so much.


Pork Borek

These were absolutely lovely – gorgeously flavoured tender pork in crispy parcels. They’re addictively tasty.


Potato & Seaweed Roti with Poached Egg

This was Briony’s and I wouldn’t have ordered it so it was good to get a try and see. After trying a bit it confirmed why I didn’t feel drawn to it on the menu – it just wasn’t interesting enough in the flavour department. The seaweed and potato cake was a mixture of bland and salty, but the richness of the soft egg did give it a nice flavour. For what it was, it was lovely and well prepared but it’s just not my idea of a good time! 


Salmon in a Banana Leaf

I asked Pammi to remind me of what it was she ordered, and her reply was “I think I maybe had some kind of salmon wrapped in banana leaf” – she’s so helpful! I did try it but I can’t remember what it was served with. It was really nice from what I remember, that’s all I can say! 


Goats cheese, lavender and honey filo roll, red onion chutney, rocket and pea shoot salad

I also ordered these little parcels which I really liked, but to be honest there wasn’t really any lavender flavour to them. Goats cheese and pastry are my loves, so of course I loved them but I would’ve liked a bit more of a lavender hit. The red onion chutney was nice and juicy to cut through the dryness of the parcels.

As always, it was a pleasure dining here. The staff are so friendly and warm, knowledgable about the dishes they’re serving and the food is just wonderful. I heart Stravaigin.  



26-30 Gibson St



G12 8NX

(0141) 334 2665



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