Tellers Brasserie at The Corinthian, Glasgow

My friend and I agreed to go to brunch in The Corinthian, but unfortunately both of us managed to completely forget. The table was booked for noon; I woke up at half past 11 and called her in a panic, and it turned out she wasn’t raging at me for being late – she had a conditioning mask in her hair and was chilling out with nothing better to do! I rearranged with the very understanding and reasonable Corinthian, and we were far more prepared this time and went for lunch!

 I’ll start by saying: The Corinthian is one of the most beautiful buildings in Glasgow as far as I’m concerned.

    Panko & Oatmeal Cruste Haggis Croquettes

I’m a huge fan of haggis, so I knew that I’d enjoy these before they even arrived! What really made this dish for me was the turnip purée – it was absolutely delicious! The rich Arran mustard cream was a nice change from whisky creams that are usually served.

    Pan Fried Tarbert Scallops

This dish stood out from everything I ate here, and everything was amazing so this dish REALLY stood out. I can’t even begin to tell you how absolutely delicious this was. I recently raved that a scallops dish I tried in Hutcheson’s was my favourite. This one beat it, and that’s really saying something! The scallops were fresh and cooked to perfection and placed on top of the most ridiculously tasty set of flavours. The first element was a carrot and cumin purée which was sweet and fragrant. The braised chorizo & red peppers was like a warm salsa with a deep smoky flavour. Combined, the flavours were an absolute dream.

    Beer Battered Cod

This was lovely, but I can’t get too excited. It was a perfectly tasty beer battered fish ‘n’ chips with minted peas and home made tartare sauce. Lovely jubbly.

  Fillet of Bream

This was absolutely amazing. It wasn’t love at first sight, because although I saw the meaty hunk of fish, the gnocchi looked like it was lacking in the sauce department. I was fooled by my eyes – it was perfect. The Parmesan and herb gnocchi was laced with borlotti bean and basil cassoulet, and lightly covered with Romesco sauce. Romesco sauce is new to me – it’s essentially a nutty tomato sauce. This was extremely filling but I did manage to finish it as I enjoyed it so much. I expected the fish to be my favourite part but to be honest the taste from the gnocchi and beans was just incredible.

I can’t say no to a cup of tea.

  Sticky Date Pudding

This was a gorgeously moist pudding. I’m glad I only had a bite as I was so full that I couldn’t have eaten the whole thing. It was rich and glossy and served with ice cream to balance it out.

  White Chocolate & Pistachio Bakewell Tart

My dessert was a nice and light Bakewell tart with a twist. It was served with ice cream and raspberry rum syrup, and despite being so light, I really had to work hard to finish it! It was perfect with a cup of tea!


The Corinthian Club
191 Ingram Street
Merchant City
G1 1DA

0141 552 1101


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