The Lebanese Breakfast @ The Left Bank, Glasgow

I never used to be a bruncher. In fact I avoided any brunch outwith my living room. As I’ve mentioned before, being friends with The Glasgow Food Geek has morphed me into someone who can get out of bed, get dressed and be in Glasgow for 10:30am. That said, she has introduced me to some fantastic foodie haunts where I have enjoyed some great brunches. Within one week we’d been to both Hutchesons (see my review here) and also The Left Bank. If I’m removing myself from bed, I had better be well fed!

Rose Lemonade & Fresh Orange Juice

The Lebanese Breakfast

This was to die for. I have never experienced such a savoury breakfast. The only part of it which felt like breakfast was the egg, so it suited me perfectly as I absolutely love savoury food. I will show you each section:

Batata Harra

This is basically cubed potatoes which have been seasoned with chilli, garlic and coriander and then sauteed.


I absolutely loved this part! I felt bad bashing the life out of the baked egg and mashing it into the spicy chickpea ragu. I love chickpeas, and I love chana from Indian restaurants. This was similar in the sense that the chickpeas were cooked in a gorgeous aromatic sauce.

Toasted pittas

The pittas were a little bit too much for me to finish because I ate so much of the potato, but they were lovely. The entire dish had a garlic and herb butter drizzled over it and one bit of the pitta was slightly soggy. It was glorious.

Fried Halloumi & Spinach

I could have eaten a dangerous amount of this! The halloumi was cooked beautifully, something that most places fail to achieve and was served with wilted spinach. They too were drizzled with the garlic and herb oil, so the taste was amazing. I’d probably ask for extra halloumi next time and offer a supplement, it was so good.

The Lebanese breakfast is probably the most delicious individual dish I’ve eaten for brunch. I am a die-hard Eggs Royale fan but I can say I would choose this over them any day. It depends on the style of food you like, but I can easily reheat leftover curry and chilli for breakfast and be perfectly comfortable with it, so this savoury dish was very well suited to me!


The Left Bank

33-35 Gibson Street


G12 8NU

0141 3395969



  1. Thanks a lot.this article is informative and could know about the different varieties in different places. Pls can you tell me the indian breakfast menu if you are having?


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