Afternoon Tea at The Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow

I have looked at afternoon deals and mentioned them to friends several times, but it recently occurred to me that as someone who absolutely loves tea and sandwiches, I have still not actually been for an afternoon tea! This weekend, all that changed. I decided to go where I haven’t gone before: The Blythswood Square Hotel.

Mostly I was pleased that they let me in the front door.

I just LOVE big chandeliers like this.

We were shown to our home for the afternoon upstairs. The room is lovely and bright with sunlight from the big windows which provide a beautiful view of the square outside. For me personally, I’m not a fan of the low down tables, even though the chairs were super comfortable – I think I’d be an old lady about it and ask for a normal table next time.

Afternoon tea is available from 12noon – 5pm, so given that it was past noon when we arrived, there was only one way to start the experience….


This is the face of a girl with nothing planned for her day apart from sandwiches and Prosecco.

And with that, afternoon tea was served!

Our savoury section contained:

Smoked Scottish Salmon and Atlantic Prawn Wrap

Roast Scottish beef and Horseradish Sandwich

Warm Red Pepper and Parmesan Tart

Spring Onion & Chive Cream Cheese with Cucumber on Brioche


Mini Haggis Bonbon with Grain Mustard Mayonnaise

The next section was our scones – one plain and one sultana and they were still warm from the oven. They were served with a jar of preserves and clotted cream. They were delicious! Up until this point I was too warm and I had said ‘no thanks’ to a hot drink, but the minute I tasted the first scone I had to wave over a waiter and get a cup of tea. It just wouldn’t be right to eat scones with Prosecco.

If ‘Trick or Treat?’ was the theme of the afternoon tea, the top layer was a total treat! The cake section was so beautifully presented as it was Hallowe’en on the day we went. I was squealing like a child when I saw it!

How cute is that wee ghost meringue?! It almost (I said almost) felt wrong to eat him.

The cake section contained (clockwise from strawberry!):

Mini Victoria Sponge

Lemon Meringue Cone

Pistachio Cake (with ghost meringue!)

Chocolate Orange Macaron

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

I really enjoyed each of the sweet treats, but the one I was most impressed by was the chocolate orange macaron, mainly because I’m not a fan of chocolate orange and I couldn’t stop eating this! My taste must be changing! My definite favourite was the salted caramel tart – it was SO sweet but because of the portion size it was perfect.

A cappuccino with a salted caramel tart. That’s where it’s at, people.

The original plan for the day was to have our afternoon tea, go home, carve some pumpkins, have a light dinner and watch Hocus Pocus.

Then we saw some girls with cocktails. Like moths to the flame, off we flew.

‘Mary Pickford’
Pampero Anejo Especial Rum, Maraschino Liqueur, pineapple, lime, Grenadine

‘Mai Tai’
Appleton’s 8 Year Old Rum, Wray & Nephew Overproof, Triple Sec, Orgeat, lime, sugar

This was a great way to spend an afternoon! I expected to be in and out within an hour-two hours and ended up being there for almost four! The room was lovely and bright, and as the evening descended the lights went down and it was a calm and romantic feeling cocktail bar. We sat for hours and enjoyed wonderful service, food and drinks. I can’t recommend it enough!


Blythswood Square Hotel
11 Blythswood Square
G2 4AD

0141 248 8888



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