Coffee & Cake at Mimi’s Bakehouse, Edinburgh 

After our east-side brunch jaunt, (see where we went and what we ate here!) we decided to go a walk around the beautiful streets of Leith and around the docks. Eventually, a sugar craving was going to happen.

I’d already put out feelers on Twitter to see where people recommended in Edinburgh and many people suggested getting brunch or at least tea and cake in Mimi’s Bakehouse. Even standing outside, I could see why – the place is adorable and the queue streamed out the door.  Tip – book ahead and reserve a table!

You don’t even need to look at the cakes to feel tempted. Mimi, whoever she is, is a wee temptress.

But we did look at the cakes. Oh my. What a selection!

I decided to go for the Crunchie Crunch which is a Cadbury’s Crunchie infused crispy cake, drizzled with caramel.

My beverage of choice was a coconut latte – some may say that I’m taking my love of coconut too far but I totally disagree. This worked.

Plan A: drink latte and eat Crunchie Crunch. Buy separate cake for boyfriend because I’m dead thoughtful.

Plan B: Start to hit a wall after ¼ of the Crunchie Crunch, force-feed yourself another ¼ and give remaining Crunchie Crunch to boyfriend, who also struggled to eat it despite being a gannet.

It’s very rich! But it’s beautiful!

My friend excelled herself and managed to polish off this raspberry cheesecake! I’m not a huge fan of cheesecake –  I like it, but I ate far too much of it a few years ago and although I’m not sickened by it, I just don’t ever fancy it! I had a bite and this one was really sweet, creamy and had little tangy bursts with the fresh raspberries folded in.

It was a really sunny day and we were roasting hot, so we indulged in some of the lemonades available – I totally recommend this raspberry one! So sweet and refreshing!

Mimi’s cakes are delicious examples of home-baking. The place is really busy so you will need to queue during peak times – I’d recommend booking if you’re not willing to wait like we did! It’s a great place and I’d definitely go back. They do a range of drinks as well so you can have bubbles with your cake. Which definitely appeals!


Mimi’s Bakehouse
63 Shore

0131 5555908



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