Burger 7, Coatbridge

Ahhhh, new discoveries! My friend invited me out for a burger so I assumed that would mean the typical likes of Five Guys et al in the city centre/shopping centres. Y’know, the usual places you need to go for burgers if you don’t want a McDonald’s/Burger King.

But no, not the usual this time! Behold! There is a burger joint in Lanarkshire… and it isn’t even brand new, much to my surprise! Apparently it’s been here since 2014 and stayed completely off my radar!

Burger 7 BBQ can be found next to the Time Capsule in Coatbridge, and they have amazing salt and pepper shakers. That is the most important information, but read on if you want to see food pictures.

The restaurant is small but really smartly decorated with the classic burger joint decor of tartan booths, subway tiles and cage accessories, with cool light bulbs in tow. In terms of the food, I would say it bears a resemblance to the food served in Buddy’s in Glasgow, but the quality is definitely higher.

Double jointed wings, rubbed, smoked & finished in Frank’s Hot Sauce

I can’t even tell you how generous the portion sizes are. A chicken wing MOUNTAIN was before us! Lovely tender chicken in a really delicious sauce. We also tried the Cornflake coated chicken breast but to be honest I found them really bland and wouldn’t order again. I’d come back purely for the wings though – gorgeous!

Brooklyn Beer Battered Gherkins

This was something totally brand new for me! I’ve never even heard anyone mention deep fried gherkins before, but I’m glad this happened. They’re exactly how you’d probably imagine them to taste – tangy and a hint of the vinegar, but also that golden fry taste with flaky batter. I liked them!

Bacon Cheese Fries

These are what essentially what it says on the tin! The chips are lovely and crisp and the bacon was strong flavoured and smokey.

Macaroni Cheese

Oh yes. I’m going through a macaroni cheese obsession lately, and this was pretty damn tasty. Eating this macaroni with the garlic fries. I didn’t picture them as it was someone else who ordered them and I didn’t try them until the very end…when I thought I was too full, but somehow managed to eat macaroni with chips. I was that kind of “full” where I knew death from over-eating was imminent but taste sensations prevailed.

The Seven Burger

This beast is a double cowboy burger topped with smoked BBQ pulled pork. Jaw dislocation risk: Amber.

One thing I will say is that all burgers are cooked medium with no options given, which didn’t bother me too much but it’s worth mentioning! They aren’t the best burgers I’ve ever tried – similar to the likes of Buddy’s where you’re looking to amass calories rather than sample a gourmet  dish! With that said, they are really tasty.

The Uncle Sam Burger

Ugly thing. It just won’t take a good picture this one. With that said, their basic beef patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese, Burger 7 chilli con carne & jalapeno mayonnaise. I tasted the chilli before I started and it was delicious, but when added to the burger it was a little lost in the flavour department. I think a more pungent chilli, or a thinner burger would help this!

We had a delicious meal. I’d definitely go back and I’d  recommend people give it a try! The staff are lovely and friendly, it has a bar, the surroundings are libel  and they serve filthy food! 

Peanut butter milkshake

 I topped my evening off with a delicious sweet ‘n’ salty milkshake and promptly went home to fall asleep, absolutely full to the brim!



Burger 7
132-136 Bank St

01236 897300



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