Two Fat Ladies, Glasgow West End

I have blogged about the Two Fat Ladies restaurant group before – both the restaurant at The Buttery and Shandon Belles. Both experiences were beautiful, so I didn’t hesistate to try the West End restaurant one sunny Sunday. We’d been in the area to see our friends perform a set in the sunshine (Check them out – they’re called Rare Groove Band) as part of the West End Festival at the Lismore. It was my first time seeing them live as I usually just see videos on Facebook and they were just brilliant.

We spent the afternoon drinking fruit cider and eventually had to stop and eat food. As avid seafood lovers, this was an easy choice.

We were seated in the TINY restaurant – I can’t express my shock at the size enough! It was teeny teeny tiny! Given the hot weather, it was a little stuffy and it naturally decreased my apetite which was a pity. In ordinary Glasgow weather this would be no issue, but that day was SO hot. Our poor waitress was also melting but was so, so friendly!

We tried to not eat the home baked bread with dipping oils. We tried. We had no regrets though, it was so tasty and soft!

Moules marinières

Mussels for two, please! I just couldn’t see past this on the menu, and my love for them was contagious as I inspired him to also order some. They were just utterly delicious. The cream sauce was perfectly seasoned and just decadent. Sadly we had no bread left to mop up with…but asking for more would’ve been a terrible idea.

The fish of the day was sole and it’s usually served with a pistachio and parmesan crust – we removed that due to a pesky nut allergy – and the dish came with a delicious tomato and caper salsa. Given the roasting hot day, this was a nice and light dish. The epic portion however was almost enough to defeat him! This time the human hoover prevailed!

Hot Smoked Salmon and Clam Linguini

I, on the other hand, was defeated by my linguine! It was absolutely gorgeous and so full of flavour!  The linguine was al dente and served in a beautiful white wine and crab cream sauce which had a tangy hint of tomato, and the dish had plenty nuggets of salfmon and clam to eat. Due to the hot weather affecting my apetite I couldn’t eat as much as I’d have liked to, but what I did eat I absolutely loved. I didn’t even finish my one glass of wine. That’s how hot I was!


My general impression of Two Fat Ladies in the West End is that the food is amazing and fresh, the staff are cheerful and helpful, but unfortunately I found the surroundings too cramped. It’s well laid out given the size, but it’s dark and small. I much preferred my experience (atompshere-wise) at The Buttery. That’s not to say I woudln’t go back there – I definitely would – but I wouldn’t be disappointed if they chose to move to a different unit!



Two Fat Ladies
88 Dumbarton Rd
G11 6NX

0141 3391944




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