Dalston Street Feast, London

This blog post is going to be all you wanted and more. The Dalston Street Feast was probably the most exciting and wonderful thing I’ve experienced in London with the exception of gigs, but y’know, tourist-wise! 

Easily located a tow minute walk from the train station, we arrived to the yard to hear music playing, see people eating, drinking, chatting, dancing and relaxing and could smell bonfire smoke and FOOD. Lots of food!

Just walking around looking at the place was fun and exciting. You can indulge in various booze types as well as different foods. It was so hard to choose!

My first stop was here, and despite promising myself to only have one of everything and taste as much as possible, I had a second helping of these as they were SO good! 

Pabellón Arepa with Avocado Salsa

This crispy cornbread was stuffed with slow cooked beef brisket, cheddar, black beans, plantain, hot avocado and coriander sauce. It was absolutely phenomenal. Such amazing flavours and mixtures of textures. I was in heaven, especially by adding the cool avocado salsa with chunky tomato and onion in it. Bliss. 

Pollito Pio Arepa

Guava glazed chicken with a smoky corn salad, spring onions and mayonnaise. I didn’t order this one myself and just tasted it; whilst it was really tasty with the sweet chicken and smoky corn, I just can’t see past the beef brisket one. I feel like it’s changed me for life and I’ll never enjoy anything else again! 

Some top notch Venezuelan grub and some mojitos – all you need for a good night! 

Jerk Fries

That is until your friend brings these to the table!  These were bizarre to me because I liked them but couldn’t place what bothered me about them. I think the fruity taste threw me off…but I kinda still liked them! Oddly addictive!

Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This was top of my list for the street feast, but sadly it was a total let down. And not for the reason you might expect! Usually the complaint would be the lack of lobster meat – nope. This was a generous portion. The pasta wasn’t macaroni for a start, and the cheese sauce was dire in the flavour department. It wasn’t awful, but just so disappointing. Especially given that cheese sauce is a doddle to make. 

I spent the remainder of the evening strolling around the various areas, heating up at a bonfire and enjoying the generous Havana mojitos. 

I liked this bin.


Dalston Yard

Hartwell Street


E8 3DU




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