Russian Café Cossachok, Glasgow 

The roof is lined with carpets. It’s cool!

The restaurant has a very casual cafe feel with Russian decor artifacts  like dolls and trinkets dotted around, but the carpets on the ceiling totally grabbed my attention and kept it! I wish I’d had more time and looked around the gallery too! Next time!


This is a simple and traditional county soup made with beetroot, tomato, cabbage and garlic. It’s one of those soups where I just love fishing out the vegetables to eat first so I can enjoy the beautifully flavoured stock! It’s served with rye bread and sour cream which is also traditional, but I’m just not a fan of rye bread at all!

Crispy Ravioli

This is amazing! A total guilty pleasure which probably rocketed my cholesterol levels! The ravioli are deep fried Russian beef & pork mince which were beautiful with a savoury onion taste to them, and I assume the ravioli itself is Larry rather than pasta, but I can’t be sure. It was super crispy though! These are baked with cheddar cheese and double cream sauce and it’s just utterly gorgeous!

We were in for a flying visit but I did notice the very reasonably priced cocktail menu which leads me to believe that I’ll be back! I tend to stick to the opposite side of the road and stay in Merchant City, so venturing south from Trongate was new for me, but I’d recommend it! You’re right next to Merhant City and have delicious food and cheap cocktails right there at your disposal! 


Russian Cafè-Gallery Cossachok

10 King Street

Merchant City


G1 5QP

0141 553 0733


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