La Favorita Pizza, Glasgow 

My love of pizza is no secret. I absolutely love pizza with all my heart and generally speaking, I would eat any pizza any time*.

* nae pineapple. That…my friends, is a travesty.

I was due a catch up with the ultimate Food Geek, so I leapt at the chance to go for pizza rather than our usual brunching! My friend had posted a photo of her La Favorita she’d had delivered (lucky Glasgow postcoder!) so I was desperate to get my hands on one! 

I was sitting at the open window, people watching with the scent of the fresh basil at my table tickling my nostrils.

And I drinking my beloved Rose Lemonade from Fentiman’s. I absolutely adore this stuff. Every time I buy it I say I’m going to make cocktails but I just end up guzzling it!

We tried some of the sides as well as pizza. I was very impressed by them!


Bag of balls

I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t a total child about this and laughed saying “bag ae baws” over and over. I totally did, Pam was shaking her head at me, I laughed more and I am not sorry. The batch contained a delicious tomato sauce and Macaroni Croquettes, Pork Meatballs and Chicken Croquettes. The balls were delicious though but in particular I loved the macaroni cheese ones!

Black Pudding & Goats Cheese

This was absolutely glorious. A nice tomato base topped with, mozzarella, Stornoway Black Pudding, ricotta cheese, goats cheese and optional rocket leaves – which we left because rocket on a pizza just isn’t my bag, baby.


This is my ideal pizza! I loved ie very bite! The tomato and mozzarella covered base is decorated with Italian sausage, spinach, cherry tomatoes, nduja & red onion. 

I mixed and matched. It’s what I do. Next time I will have it this way and add goats cheese to the Nduja. Perfecto!

Mascarpone & Amarena Cherry Ice Cream

I didn’t eat all my pizza so I shouldn’t have had dessert…but I couldn’t resist. They had no small so I just had to take the rest home and enjoy it on the couch at a later date! Had to. 

I also took the left over pizza home and enjoyed it for breakfast the next day. For a split second, eating La Favorita in my living room, I pretended that try delivered to my address! Ah, maybe one day! 

You can enjoy La Favorita pizzas delivered to you anywhere in Edinburgh or in the west end of Glasgow, or you can be like me and dine in the glasgow branxh! 


La Favorita

23-25 Gibson Street


 G12 8NU

0141 2126060



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