Miller & Carter, Glasgow

I want to admit something before I continue: I didn’t really want to go here for lunch that day. My friends voted against me, and being someone who will eat most things I agreed – happily I might add, but I wasn’t overly excited to go. Not only were the food and cocktails delicious, the service received here is second to none! Really lovely, chatty staff! I was really surprised by my visit!

My first tip: sign up for the news letter in advance as you get a free cocktail on arrival! I haven’t used any of the other offers, but subscribers do get deals weekly and they’re good deals!

The Bramble

Very boozy for a freebie, I’ll tell ye!

Cucumber & Elderflower Collins

Gorgeous. We went on a nice sunny day and this was very refreshing!

Tempura King Prawns

Huge, juicy king prawns in a tender but thick coating of batter.


This was interesting as we expected just simple calamari. It’s actually battered pieces of miscellaneous calamari and squid which looked interesting and was still really tasty!

Prawn Cocktail

What an attractive prawn cocktail! Don’t you think? I’m always delighted when I get a proper salad, rather than shredded iceberg lettuce and a quarter tomato lumped onto my plate.


My friend got the Niger and enjoyed it, but I didn’t actually try it myself. Regular readers know that my kind of burger is more of a gourmet masterpiece…or the trashy opposite! Burgers like this don’t tempt me at all.

Beef Hash

This. Was. GORGEOUS.

Medium beef tossed in new potatoes, avocado and topped with a seasoned runny fried egg. Such wonderfully simple yet tasty comfort food!

Cocktail Time!

We then ended up sampling several of the cocktails. They’re absolutely delicious, reasonably priced and they don’t hold back on the liquor!

We chatted for absolutely ages on two separate occasions with two separate staff members – it just made the entire experience fun and enjoyable. I thought almost nothing of this restaurant and wasn’t bothered about trying it, but they’ve shown me it’s definitely worth a visit and a return visit!

On my return, I had a steak dinner here:

Rump steak – cooked perfectly, served with beautiful crispy French fries, Bearnaise sauce and an unusual assortment of items.

Firstly: a bowl of lettuce and you choose a sauce for it. I decided to be basic and order Ranch to see what the fuss was about…I get it. There is also a quarter tomato served on the plate – I chopped mine up with my lettuce.

Then there is the onion loaf. Which isn’t a loaf, but rather a crispy onion-y pastry? Either way – it was delicious and crispy and wonderful!

Finally: we added a cheeky wee lobster mac ‘n’ cheese. It was absolutely delicious. A genuinely beautiful macaroni cheese with an nice lobster flavour. I was looking for chunks of lobster and really didn’t find any of any really size, but to be honest it didn’t actually matter as it was so tasty!

I totally recommend this place!


Miller & Carter

47 St Vincent Street


G2 5QX




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