Cheese Toastie Festival 2016

No, I’m not making this up: I went to a festival fully dedicated to molten cheese sandwiches! 

We arrived at Drygate and decided to have a little drink to settle our excitement before walking towards the smell of melted cheese…

Squad goals.

And lantern goals.

So, the toasties:

 Cheezy Beano by Chompsky

Smoked Applewood cheddar, home made baked beans on sourdough. The baked beans made it for me (I think…I ate it so fast that it’s hard to tell what was in it…) as there was a very subtle spice to it. 
This was my favourite, but to be honest they were all genuinely amazing. The next few all take joint 2nd place. 

by I.J. Mellis

Keen’s cheddar & Noltlans Castle (I have copied this from the sign and I have been unable to decipher whether this is cheese type) with hot English mustard, Ale chutney, leek & onion and smoked ham. It was extremely rich – even the outsides had been fried crispy – so we were delighted that by this point we were sharing a slice rather than taking a slice each! 

Sloppy O’ ?! by Julie’s Street Kitchen

Grilled cheese with tamarind onion jam in between pieces of milk bread. This was definitely one of the cheesiest offerings. I was delighted to bite in and have cheese escaping from every corner of the toastie…not that any of it really escaped! 

It’s All Roti Baby by Julie’s Street Kitchen

Pork fried off in garlic and spices topped with more of that super melty cheese, sandwiched in milk bread.
So, the cheese toastie festival was a total success. I am delighted that my cousin was able to get me a ticket and next year (if they bring it back…oh please bring it back!) I will have my ticket booked the very second! 

A little bird told me that I.J. Mellis sell toastie in their cheesemonger. That is totally happening. 


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